Original pencil holder

Today, a lot of household items are presented in stores in the widest range, but you can make really interesting, beautiful and creative things with your own hands. I suggest you to make an excellent stand for pencils, markers, scissors and other small items - with your own hand.  Original pencil holder
For crafts you will need: 1. Big can. It is best to take a jar of baby food, because it does not have sharp edges and it is capacious enough. 2. Corrugated paper. 3. Scissors. 4. Colored ribbons. 5. Those decorations that you want to decorate the finished product. So, let's get to work. Measure the circumference of the jar, now cut a sheet of corrugated paper 3-4 cm more than this circle. Fold the cut sheet in half and wrap the can in it.
Original pencil holder
In order to fix the paper, glue is better not to use - paper is thin and it can leave ugly marks on it. I used tapes in my work. Choose beautiful, narrow ribbons that create a vivid contrast on the paper. Wrap the jar a few times and gently tie them. The protruding edge of the paper needs to be jammed inside the cans and properly leveled around the walls.  Original pencil holder
 Original pencil holder
Original pencil stand
In total you need to make three such stands, when they are ready, take them and place them in a triangle. Now, with very long ribbons, tightly wrap three cans at the top and bottom, tie the ribbons on a strong knot.Ask someone to help you, because doing it alone is very difficult.
 Original pencil holder
Original pencil holder In order to decorate your work, you can use any options. These can be: bows, bright buttons sewn to ribbons, self-adhesive stars, flowers, hearts. In general, all that is enough for your imagination.
The original stand for pencils
 Original pencil holder
In this interesting trio you can put a small potty with a potted plant, pencils, rulers, and thus creating an interesting composition on the desktop.

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