Original ways to decorate your interior with a glass jar

Banks with screw caps can be found in almost every home. By purchasing jam and jam, you also get an excellent basis for creative projects. What will it be, a vase or a toothbrush holder? Look at what can be done from a can with a minimum of effort. Some ideas are perfect for making Christmas gifts for friends.

1. Flashlight for wedding celebration decor

You will need:

  1. Jars with lids
  2. Crochet lace
  3. Tapes
  4. Scissors
  5. Paint in a can
  6. Sparkles
  7. Candles or flowers

Secure the lace around the jar with tape. On the inside, cover the jar with sparkles, and on the outside, paint it white. A pattern is formed on the jar that repeats the one that was on the lace strip. Carefully remove the lace and let the jug dry completely.

Put candles in some jars and cover them.Such lamps can be arranged in the hall or garden where the ceremony will take place.

In some banks instead of candles you can put flowers. You can simply use the jar as a vase, but with a lid it will look more interesting. Cut off the top of the cap to place the flowers without removing it. It is important that the spangles that you use do not dissolve in water.

Alternate jugs with candles and flowers in order to decorate the party.

2. Set for the bathroom

Jars of this design look great by themselves. Just add a couple of bright accents with acrylic paints, and the problem of storage in the bathroom is solved.

3. A flower vase

And another option to use acrylic-painted cans. Edge can be trimmed with lace or wide braid.

4. Soap dispenser

Plastic containers for storing liquid soap do not look as interesting as glass. Punch the lid of the jar and fix the dispenser from the soap bottle in the hole. Add the decor of textiles and paint the glass part of the jar in a color appropriate to the interior of the bath or kitchen.

5. Glass for smoothies and drinks

You will need:

  • High can with screw cap
  • Gold Acrylic Paint
  • Masking tape
  • Sparkles
  • PVA glue
  • Brush
  • Stickers in the form of letters
  • Tubules

Bottles with labels look very stylish. But it is not necessary to buy ready-made. Just pick up an elongated glass jar. Seal a part of the jar with masking tape to make it smooth. Remove the tape and allow the paint to dry.

Glue on the jar the inscription that you have chosen. You can simply apply the inscription in black acrylic paint, after making a stencil of paper. To do this, find on the Internet fonts for the stencil - they are different from ordinary letters.

Add shine. On the bottom of the glass we put sequins, diluted in white glue. It is most convenient to do this with a normal brush for drawing. Again we send the can to dry.

It remains only to punch a small hole in the lid and insert a tube. Now your favorite drink can always be on hand. By the way, if you have another cover, you can leave it whole. The drink can be carried with you, changing the lids, as needed.

6. Maple candlestick

The beauty of autumn leaves is so desirable to save longer.Build a similar candlestick by gluing fresh leaves with PVA glue and coating it with varnish. If you use electric pseudo-candles, you can paste over the jar from the inside. For real it is better to choose a safe option, and glue the leaves outside.

7. Storage Containers

Some jars have such a beautiful shape that they don’t raise their hand. Add some bright accents, and use them to organize order in the house.

Pick up a few jars with interesting patterns on the glass. They may be the same, or vary in shape and size.

Cover the lids of the cans with several layers of acrylic paint. You can choose one color, or colors of one intensity. For example, to achieve soft pastel shades, add enough white to each color.

Allow the paint to dry completely.

Attach beautiful buttons, large beads or furniture handles to thin bolts. For reliability, they should be glued.

Drill small holes in the lids and place the handles on the jars. It remains only to tighten the nuts on the inside.

Original containers are ready.They will look great in the bathroom, kitchen, nursery and even on the desktop.

8. Unusual photo frame

Today, most people store photos electronically. But for such a project it is worth printing out some of the most successful shots.

First, glue the area of ​​the jar in which the photo should be placed. You can use a finished sticker or cut a frame out of paper, sticking it with regular soap. Cover the jar with several layers of paint and remove the sticker before leaving it to dry. Take a photo of the correct size and attach from the inside of the can, fixing with adhesive tape or glue.

You can additionally cover the vase with one layer of acrylic lacquer.

It remains only to put a glass of water in the jar and put flowers.

9. Color the jar so that it resembles a small snowman.

10. Gentle roses

Paint the jars of acrylic paint with the color of the powder and add artificial flowers as a decoration. These vases are suitable for the most exquisite bouquets.

11. Suspended vases

The combination of elements such as forged hooks, twine and glass jars, is associated with the decor of the garden.Room decoration will give freshness and dynamics. In order not to weigh down the structure, it is better to use artificial flowers and not fill the cans with water.

12. Several multi-colored vases look much more interesting than one.

13. Vases that hold memories of summer holidays

14. Several forms united by a single design.

15. Grow indoor plants in banks

It is better to choose those that are not afraid of well-moistened soil, because with this design it will be necessary to do without a hole for excess fluid.

16. Build a superhero piggy bank

17. Add spring freshness

18. Flickering lamp

You will need:

  • Jar with lid
  • Glass hemispheres for decoration
  • Glue gun
  • Artificial candle or small lamp on battery

Gently coat the jar with hemispheres. Such decor can be bought in many shops for creativity. For each hemisphere, you need to add a small amount of hot glue so that its traces are not visible. It is better to choose transparent silicone cartridges without a yellow tint.

Alternate the decor in such a way as to cover the entire surface of the jar, except for the neck and bottom.

Place an artificial candle in the jar or a lamp on the battery.

Close the jar and enjoy the great spectacle!

19. Brilliant New Year's decor


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