What books give

What do books give? The benefits of books in recent times are increasingly being mentioned due to a noticeable decrease in the number of readers in general. There are suggestions that the current generation does not pay enough attention to reading. But in vain.

Paperback Diary

Paperback Diary The year 2015 is coming to an end, and you need to think about gifts for the New Year. New Year's holidays are always considered to be rather special in a year, so you need to pay special attention to these gifts.

Easter felt egg

Felt Easter Egg Creative people tend to show imagination in preparation for the holidays. From what material do Easter eggs not create: wood, cloth, satin ribbons. The classic color is red, but all the colors of the rainbow are quite acceptable. Why not sew.

DIY autumn tree

Crafting an autumn tree The craft of the autumn tree is very relevant for the first autumn months, when the children are impressed by the changes occurring in their surrounding nature. It allows you to consolidate the knowledge of the main autumn omens associated.

Turtle Keychain

Turtle Keychain It will take: 6 threads of 1.2 m, 22 medium-sized wooden beads of crimson color, 4 medium glass beads of blue color, 1 large pink bead. To start, weave a turtle head. Take 2 threads of 1.2 m diameter 1.5 mm: Then.

Winter coloring

Winter coloring Coloring "winter" - Sledge, Skates, Skis, Drifts, Mittens, Snowmen, Christmas Eve, New Year Fir-tree. Coloring the winter will remind the child of the most wonderful, unforgettable moments of frosty days, snow fun and sincere joy in the heart of every child and.

Casket for tea

A box for tea To make boxes for tea using cardboard technique, you must prepare two companion cuts of cotton fabric (with a picture of kitchen utensils and a cage), binding or beer carton (3 mm and 2 mm thick), drawing paper, thick PVA.

Christmas Tree

Christmas tree Origami paper "Elka" - a classic example of how from the same blanks (modules) you can create a single piece. To make the crafts look more impressive, we use cardboard or paper with foiled (shiny) coating and unobtrusive ornament for its basis.

Lazy Dumplings

Lazy dumplings Ingredients Cottage cheese bold (Prostokvashinsky)400 gramsWheat flour4 tbsp.Sugar1 tbsp.Chicken eggs1 pieceButter30 gramsSalt (to taste) Preparation time:10 minutes Cooking time:4 minutes Mash cottage cheese with a fork to a uniform consistency. Add the egg and pre-softened butter. Then add sugar and flour. Stir.

Disposable Cup

Disposable Cup Sometimes there are situations when you and your friends bought some kind of cooling drink, but there is nothing to drink it with. Drinking everything from the bottle is a little hygienic. In this case, if you have paper on hand, you.

DIY Ice Crafts

DIY Ice Crafts Crafts from the ice with their own hands - the theme of our new creative occupation. Today we will make colored chalk from ice and draw them on the pavement. A variety of experiences and experiments for children allow children to.

Hauling Seats

Padding Seats Drag the car seat can not only in a specialized salon, but also with your own hands. In this way, you can update the worn-out seats, as well as give the cabin a unique and original style. What you need to drag.

Car Top Shelf

Car Top Shelf The UAZ-31512 was produced in Soviet times, and there was no talk about the comfort of a car designed for cross-forest use. That is why the owners of this car make decisions about improvements of a different nature: someone places the.

What is latte

What is a latte? Elena Melnichenko February 27, 2015 Coffee drinkers are most likely familiar with what a latte is. This unusual drink is quite common in many European countries and on other continents. The drink itself came to us from Italy. In its.

Duck Stir-Fry

Stir-fry duck Stir-fry duckis a step-by-step recipe. Stir-fry is a great way to quickly feed the suddenly arrived guests with an elegant and very tasty dinner. The vegetables in this dish should remain crispy! Ingredients: 400 g duck fillet (you can breast without skin.

Pencil Scroll

Pencil Scroll To teach the child to order and make the drawing process more fun, sew a bright pencil case for the little artist. It is convenient because in the process of drawing the child does not need to pour all the accessories out.

Dimmer repair

Dimmer repair First you need to figure out what it is and what functions this dimmer performs. Dimmer is also called dimmer - a device that allows you to smoothly adjust the voltage on the load. It is mainly used to adjust the brightness.

Air brushwood

Air brushwood Air brushwoodis a recipe. Ingredients: wheat flour 2.5 glasses; milk 50 g; sour cream 70 gr; soda; chicken eggs 2 pieces; vanilla on the tip of a knife; granulated sugar 1 tbsp. l.; Vodka 2 tbsp. l.; Vinegar powdered sugar vegetable oil.

Author's Paper

Author's paper Making handmade paper is a very creative and exciting process. The peculiarity of this master class is that to create your own author paper you will not need any special tools and materials, you can find everything you need at home. The.

Magic Wallet

Magic Wallet And so begin.Tobuildawalletyouwillneed:acardboardboxandribbons,youcanuseribbo... evenrezinochkiforlinen,asinanelasticbandage. Nbsp; rectanglesize7x10cm(Fig.a)andononesidepasteoverthemwithdecorativepaper... Nbsp; Onthislid,putthesecondlid,facingin,andgluethesecondendsoftheribbonstoi... From the other paper, cut two rectangles 6 x 9 cm in size and fold them three times - you will get two sachets. Pass one of them under the ribbon, spread it with.

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