Photo Frame

Photo Frame Sometimes you want to please a loved one, but to come up with something original is not always easy. So I faced such a problem. And after much thought, I decided to perform the application in a beautiful frame. Starting to make.

Wool Brooch

Wool brooch Who does not like dogs? These curious cute creatures leave few people indifferent. They bribe their simplicity and dedication. Puppy in the house is always a joy. Each owner seeks to perpetuate the image of his pet in a photo or video.

What is on the hike

What to eat in a hike? With the arrival of a warm summer, hundreds and even thousands of tourist activists go traveling. They do it on cars, bicycles, kayaks, motorcycles and even on foot. They need new experiences, discoveries, health, fresh air. It happens.

Wooden icons

Wooden icons Badges for clothes appeared quite a long time ago. In primitive society, they were insignia made of stones, feathers, animal tusks and bones. Now many who can see these accessories on jackets, backpacks, baseball caps, bags, etc. as decorations. Icons can be.

Sew a heart

Sew a heart Sew a heart- we sew our own beautiful and soft hearts that can be used for the interior, for Valentine's Day or as a pillow for rings for a wedding. Materials and tools: colored fabric; pattern; scissors; thread and needle; filler;.

Flower Pot

Flower Pot Many housewives often face a situation when they manage to get a process of a new flower, and there is nothing to plant it in. The absence of a beautiful flower pot is not a reason to pickle a flower in a.

White roses

White roses All girls love flowers. And the eighth of March is an excellent occasion to please them with these colors. But, unlike living flowers, which will wither in a couple of days, flowers tied with their own hands will please their owner for.

A simple file knife

A simple file knife Design of the knife I manually sketched the design of the future knife (taking into account the width and thickness of the file). But did not put a dot on it, and in the process was ready to correct the.


Kaleidoscope It is very easy to make such a kaleidoscope and junior schoolchildren can do it perfectly. Kaleidoscopes can be made of various materials, for example, from reels from towels, plastic bottles, plastic forms and from cardboard. You can also choose what to do.

Energy Balls

Energy Balls Dinner, Cooking, Lunch, Breakfast, Snacks At first glance, they look likemeatballs:) But after one bite, they taste like cookies. I'm not joking, the taste is surprisingly similar, so if you like cookies and hearty food, this unique recipe is for you. They.

Stable Radio

Stable Radio A radiobeam is a simple radio transmitter with a microphone that picks up the slightest sound around itself and transmits them through a radio wave. Thus, leaving such a device in a suitable place, you can listen to everything that is done.

Pink Eight

Pink Eight Spring is very soon. And with it comes the thaw, the singing of birds, the light warm breeze and the first flowers. And March presents us an excellent reason to please lovely women and give them presents by March 8. Very original.

Eggs Divers

Eggs Divers Materials and tools: eggs; plastic bottle caps; white paper; black marker; Super glue or hotmelt gun straws; scissors; colorful dyes for eggs; container (disposable plates); thin colored tape (tape) black foam (felt, felt, black paper). Step 1 We take several disposable plates.

Paper Fish

Paper Fish These beautiful fishes can decorate a child’s room if they are hung from a ceiling or chandelier. Then, at the slightest whiff of the wind, they will sway, as if floating on the waves. And also, having made several small fish out.


Casket Every woman has favorite jewelry. They are convenient to store in caskets - then they will not be lost, and will be at hand all the time. Caskets are different - metal and wooden, plastic and woven, and I suggest you make a.

Cardboard Roll Snowman

Cardboard Roll Snowman Crafts from rolls of toilet paper - the simplest solution for classes with small children. Using rolls, you can create interesting, funny characters in a short time and thus develop an interest in creativity in kids. A good example of such.

Aquarium in a Vase

Aquarium in a Vase Everyone knows that an aquarium is an excellent decoration for an apartment. But not everyone knows that you can turn an ordinary flower vase into an aquarium. The aquarium in a vase has three undeniable advantages. Firstly, it does not.

Fun Balloon Toys

Funny toys from balloons Today I want to offer you to make toys from improvised means. To make them you will need: elastic balloons of various sizes, preferably of dense latex, fine markers, a funnel, flour, a pencil and various types of decoration. Such.

Miniature scenes in used jewelry boxes

Miniature scenes in used jewelry boxes Crafts, For Friends, For Lovers, Gifts, For Men, For Women, Workshop In an unexpected but impressive way, the Canadian-Trinidadian artistTalwstgives a second life to used jewelry boxes. Having painstakingly painted the boxes with picturesque scenes from different historical.

What is credit history?

What is a credit history? Vera Melnikova November 26, 2014 A bank loan, that is, getting money at interest for some purpose, has become very popular today. However, there are cases when a bank refuses to issue a loan, for example, if there is.

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