Glass vase miniature

A miniature vase from a glass bottle Human fantasy knows no bounds. To which only creative people do not trick: paintings with nails, landscapes on the walls with putty, crafts from newspapers, dough and polymer clay. It is worth remembering breathtaking sculptural compositions that.

Simple black crocheted skirt

A simple black skirt crocheted Simple black crochet skirt- a master class on crocheting an openwork skirt. The master class is suitable for beginners. Materials and tools: yarn (100% acrylic, 300 m / 100g) - 300 grams of black color; hook number 2.5; Lined.

How is the quality installation of the entrance doors

How is the quality installation of the entrance doors The installation of entrance armored doors includes the following steps: Dismantling the old door In this case, you may need to do the dismantling of baseboards and the transfer of telephone and other cables. It.

Pinocchio Casket

Buratino Key Box Loss of keys is a big nuisance, especially if you are in a hurry somewhere. To solve this problem, and not to look for a place where you left your keys to an apartment or car, you can buy or make.

Proper kitchen renovation

Proper kitchen renovation Kitchen - one of the most functional places of any home. In this room there is always sanitary equipment and there is a huge amount of household equipment. To maintain a stable humidity and microclimate here it is necessary to take.

Varieties of outdoor clothes hangers

Varieties of outdoor clothes hangers Wardrobeis the value for each girl, her wealth, a place of rest and relaxation. Therefore, its appearance, as well as practicality, are very important. And recently, the place of the championship is rightfully taken by the floor view of.

Kar-Karych from Smesharikov

Kar-Karych from Smesharikov Hello, dear visitors. Currently, the characters of the very famous Russian cartoon series “Smeshariki” are very popular, and each of them is very attractive in its own way. Toys in the form of the characters of this cartoon are often found.

Needle Box

Needle Box It seems very easy to sew the needle bed in the form of a square pad. But the needlewoman always wants something unusual and it is even necessary for creative inspiration. More complex versions of needle beds provide sewing soft toys in.

Raspberry Vanilla Eclairs

Raspberry-vanilla eclairs Raspberry-vanilla eclairs - step by step recipe. Ingredients: 100 g butter; 150 g of flour; 4-5 eggs + 1 more egg for lubrication; 5 g of salt; 5 g sugar. For ganache and filing: 160 g white chocolate; 110 + 270 ml.

Hairpin Orange Butterfly

Hairpin "Orange Butterfly" The butterfly is a symbol of tenderness, fragility and unique trembling. Therefore, even decorations using the butterfly image involuntarily possess these qualities. To create such an ornament you should prepare: Material : - Clematis orange cloth. - White satin ribbon with.

French Lemon Tart

French Lemon Tart French lemon tartis a recipe. Ingredients: Basis: 1.25 cup flour; cold oil 80g; Egg 2 pcs lemon peel 1 tbsp. Stuffing: egg 4 pieces; icing sugar 1,25 cups + 3 tbsp; juice and zest of 3 lemons; sweetened condensed milk with.

How beautiful to smile

How beautiful to smile? A smile is one of the most important tools for effective communication with others. It allows you to demonstrate not only joy, but also a positive attitude towards your interlocutor. For these reasons, many think about how to smile beautifully.

Creating a design project for an apartment

Creating a design project for an apartment Apartment interior design is an unusual way, in the process of overcoming which a variety of surprises may appear. But at the same time even the most professional designer will not be able to instantly create a.

Cloth Lizard

Cloth Lizard This suspension, 15 cm long, is made in the style of a coffee toy. For manufacturing we take such materials: - white fabric" Calico ". - scissors. - acrylic paints. - thin brushes. - glue PVA. coffee. - a piece of foam.

PVC window sills: easy maintenance, operational reliability

PVC window sills: easy to maintain, reliable in operation Despite the fact that the window sill is a separate component of the window system and does not belong to the concept of a "window", any person imagines this very "window" in this way: actually.

Why do we seize emotions and how to stop it

Why do we seize emotions and how to stop it Why do we eat what we eat? Real hunger has not been familiar to modern man for a long time. We are used to eating almost two to three times more than is really.

He from mackerel, squid and capelin

He from mackerel, squid and capelin Heh's recipes are many. The most correct recipe is the one that you and your family like. I trust this author. She is a great expert in Korean cuisine and conducts master classes in Moscow. I publish its.

Ka-25 Paper Model

Paper model of the Ka-25 The paper model of the Ka-25 helicopter- (according to the NATO codification: Hormone - "Hormone") - Soviet anti-submarine ship-based helicopter. Materials and tools: scissors, paper knife, drawing ruler tweezers; glue brushes and paint; watercolors (or pencils), toothpicks; clear acrylic.

Crocheted Christmas Tree

Crocheted Christmas Tree For the new year, Christmas trees do not happen much, so small knitted Christmas trees can be prepared as an independent gift or to put a box with a New Year set. This indispensable New Year's attribute will please, and decorate.

Coloring winter clothes

Coloring winter clothes What is the easiest way to learn the names of various pieces of winter clothing with your child? You can repeat them in the process of dressing. Or you can use a simple and affordable tool - coloring. Coloring winter clothes.

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