Do-it-yourself workshop

Owl Pendant Once I decided to weave a pendant in the shape of an Owl. We will need: A ring with a diameter of 1 cm (purchased in a construction magalin), 5 meters of synthetic cord with a diameter of 1-2 mm or a.

How to make a spinner

How to make a spinner Good day to all. In this article, I'll tell you how to make a simple toy spinning wheel - spinner. Everything is done very simply, and most of the materials can be obtained completely free of charge. For this.

Weave a jar of beads

weave a jar of beads Surely every girl has a very handy jar or box in which the necessary stuff is stored. Most, of course, are purchased in the store. However, you can independently make such a box, which will not be ashamed to.

Birthday envelopes

Birthday Envelopes There are quite a few ways to not only congratulate a person on his birthday, but also really surprise and delight him. In order for this holiday, a birthday, to pass with him is not easy, like another tick and a year.

Shaggy Decoration

Shaggy Decoration Each needlewoman, who is at least a little engaged in beads, definitely has his deposits, which are long overdue. This jewelry looks great even if it is made of simple Chinese. You can come up with many variations, play with colors, add.

Glowing LED Tube

Glowing LED Tubes I love LEDs. They are economical, durable, and most importantly very beautiful. And I'm always looking for new ways to use them in a new way. Here, for example, is a great way to use two super bright blue LEDs and.

Eraser for hair

Hair Tie A beautiful rubber band for hair is easy to make by yourself. For this, you will need some materials that can be found in any home. List of materials: 1. scissors 2. needle 3. strings (black and white) 4. glue (you can.

Tatar patties

Tatar patties Tatar pattiesis a recipe. Ingredients: for the test: 100 grams of butter; 2 cups of flour; pinch of salt; soda at the tip of the knife; 1 cup of kefir; 2 eggs. for the filling: meat; potatoes; onions salt; pepper. Cooking Dough.

Sock Snowman

Sock Snowman Very little remains until the New Year 2017. Not only the kids, but also adults are looking forward to this wonderful magical holiday. Of course, many are already making New Year crafts and Christmas tree toys. This time, my older son and.

Bead Trees

Bead Trees Today I want to propose making a blooming apple tree with my own hands from beads. The tree is very beautiful and can serve as an original gift. When you know the basics of weaving trees, in this way you can perform.

Wool Dummy

Wool Dummy A doll is not only a toy. A doll is also an attribute that plays an important role in various ceremonies. Woolen dolls, for example, are often used at spring holidays. Kids in kindergartens and schools hang them in trees, calling, thus.


# 15 Nook for women. TOP 15 Architecture, Decor, Workshop Every creative person has a need for a personal space, and this rule applies even to the most powerful married couples. While men spend their time in the garage, wielding tools or repairing their.

Frame for a photo with your own hands

DIY photo frame A photo frame with your own hands can be not only an excellent birthday gift and other holiday gift, but also an original accessory for decorating an apartment or a car. The most important thing is to make it possible even.

8 fashionable ways to decorate the house with flowers

8 fashionable ways to decorate the house with flowers When the words “flowers” ​​and “interior” are found in one sentence, the image of a bouquet in a vase comes up first. But try to go beyond the usual, looking at the flowers from a.

Making a dual-slope roof

Making a dual slope roof The advantage of a dual roof is the simplicity of the device, as well as a large variety of roofing materials that are suitable for this type of construction. In addition, dual-slope roofs are suitable for attic space. In.

Bathroom furniture choice

Choosing bathroom furniture The first rule of bathroom design is the convenience of using the room. And the size of the bathroom itself is not important, although they can not be completely ignored. Furniture in this case plays one of the most important roles.

Pickled Mushrooms

Pickled Mushrooms Marinated mushrooms- a recipe. Ingredients: 1 kg of mushrooms; 2 glasses of water; 3 tbsp. l. 30% acetic acid; 3 tsp. salt; 15 peppercorns; 2 laurel leaves 1 onion; 1 carrot. Cooking Clean, wash, and drain the mushrooms. Large copies cut into.

Easter tree

Easter tree Bright Easter holiday is coming, I want to be prepared for it. You can decorate the interior of the room with the help of an Easter tree. There are many variations of this decorative item. As the basis of suitable branches of.

Boiler cleaning

Boiler Cleaning Of course, someone will say: “Why do this on your own, in any free newspaper of similar offers - a dime a dozen”. But the price of this is not always loyal, and there is no need to adapt to someone else’s.

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