Painting a laptop in a staggered style

A quick and easy way to color your laptop bodywith your own hands.

Materials and tools:

  1. Materials and tools:
  2. thin masking tape;
  3. spray paint (1 or 2 colors).

Step 1

First, take a laptop, clean and degrease the surface.

We will glue the edges of the laptop and the cover with the masking tape to make a chess pattern. Before sticking tape it is necessary to mark the beginning with a pencil. The width of the squares for painting should be equal to the width of the masking tape.

Step 2

We take a can with a tern and start painting. We paint in several thin layers, giving each layer a good dry. Before you paint the laptop itself, it’s worth trying to paint the paint like that on a similar surface.

Step 3

After painting and letting the paint dry well, gently strip the masking tape behind the strip.  

Once again we glue the lid of the laptop with masking tape, just over the painted squares, paint it. Thus we get a chess pattern.

To protect the paint, you can apply a layer of varnish on top.

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