Stone Painting (Crafts for Kindergarten and School) - The Path of Ladybugs

Hello, we continue painting the stones.

Gouache painting for children from 5 years old - designed for children from 5 years old and their parents, educators, teachers of additional education.

Having mastered this type of creativity, you can get a great handout for other types of creativity or products, as well as for interior decoration, participation in creative exhibitions, making gifts.

This material presents the panel "The Path of the Ladybugs"

Materials and tools:

  1. Ceiling plate or tray of food (biscuits, fruit) of foam;
  2. Stones, pebbles;
  3. Gouache;
  4. Acrylic white paint;
  5. Koller;
  6. Brushes;
  7. Glue for PVC construction (Glue "Titan")

Step 1

Dilute acrylic paint and color for the main background.

Step 2

Put on the foam the contour of the future panel in the form of a large sheet.

Cut a sheet neatly along the contour, giving the correct shape to the edges. Cut a piece of foam from a fabric of the required size. Cover the main color of the entire surface of the canvas. Leave to dry completely.

Step 3

Cover the entire surface of the canvas with the main color. Leave to dry completely.

Step 4

Small pebbles cover the main color - red.

We use acrylic gouache, it does not have to be painted after drying (you can use ordinary gouache, there's no difference, which one is more like.) Leave it to dry.

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