Paper Roses Heart

The heart of paper roses - a great paper craft, suitable for any special occasion.

It is easy to make even for those who do not have much experience and skill.




  • redtwo-sidedcoloredpaper(youcantakesheetsofdifferentshades);
  • brightcardboard;
  • asimplepencilorpen;
  • scissors; /
  • glue.

Let's get started!

Cut the colored paper into small squares. We take one of them, draw a continuous spiral line, which originates in the center of the leaf and smoothly goes to its edge. The distance between two adjacent lines will determine the size of the rosette - the wider it is, the larger the flower will turn out.

 Spiral line

Spiral line

Cut A sheet of paper, directing scissors along this spiral. It should make a snake coiled up.

Paper Snake

Paper Snake

Take the tip of this "snake" and wrap it inside. Gradually we wind the entire paper strip into a roll. At the same time, one edge of the strip should be wound slightly tighter than the opposite.

 Strip the strip into the roll

We are putting the strip on the roll

If everything is done correctly, you will get a pretty rose. So that it does not unfold, glue its bottom edge and fix the tip with glue.



By this principle we do a lot of roses - the more you make them, the more magnificent the heart will turn out.

Cut out the cardboard base of the craft in the form of a heart. You can make the edge of relief, you can - smooth, at your discretion. The center of the heart, we also carve, so that it becomes like a festive wreath. And here on this wreath you need to paste all the roses you made. We place them so that we fill all the free space - if there are a lot of roses, we glue them more tightly to each other, if less - less often.

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