Patchwork tablecloth

Patchwork volume tablecloth- a master class on making a stylish and unusual patchwork tablecloth. The tablecloth turns out to be unusual in that it combines two techniques: sewing and knitting - and this gives "wealth" and craft identity to the finished product.

Materials and tools:

  1. Hemline transparent pattern art. ERGG03.PNK (or do it yourself);
  2. tailor’s chalk;
  3. fabric;
  4. needles for hand sewing;
  5. machine sewing needles;
  6. yarn;
  7. crochet hook;
  8. scissors;
  9. threads.

Step 1

To begin with, we will make separate patches for the tablecloth, using bright and stylish cotton fabrics for patchwork. For marking, we use a reusable plastic template for patchwork. We outline it with tailor’s chalk.

Step 2

Now cut out the pattern with a seam allowance of 0.5 mm separate elements for the tablecloth. After cutting all the shreds, we gently make small (3 mm) notches with scissors along the edges of all wavy sides.They are needed so that when sewing, the fabric does not fray.

Step 3

Next, we stitch the separate elements of the tablecloth together with stitches, stepping back from the edge of 0.5 mm. We alternate the colors of fabric patches in staggered order.

Step 4

After the preliminary basting, we sew all the elements of the tablecloth or the sewing machine with a straight seam and carefully smooth the tablecloth with an iron with a steaming mode along all the seams.

Step 5

Next, we proceed to decorating the tablecloth, knit a crochet of yarns into circles and barantas of different sizes.

Step 6

Now we place the related items in the center of the dark shreds around the tablecloth. Sew them by hand to the fabric with a needle and a thin thread with a secret stitch. We begin to decorate the joints of the flaps with the help of yarn threads. We make neat oblique stitches in some places according to the idea. We fix the thread from the inside so that the knot is not visible from the outside.

Step 7

Next, decorate the edges of the tablecloth.Cut out a purple fabric with 4 ribbons 6 cm wide and equal to the side of the tablecloth. Sew the tapes on the sewing machine along the perimeter, using needles for machine sewing.

Step 8

We finish the work of finishing the seamy side. We cut out the lining of a dark fabric to the size of the entire tablecloth. Sew it inside out and turn the tablecloth off. Smoothed iron.

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