Shred Christmas Ball

New Year's master class dedicated to the production of a very originalChristmas ball of rags, which can be found at any needlewoman. The peculiarity of the production is that you will not need any threads or needles and will not take you much time.

Materials and tools:

  1. shreds fabric;
  2. ribbon;
  3. foam balls;
  4. scissors;
  5. wooden sticks (for example, for sushi) or something like that.

Step 1

We take a piece of cloth and cut it into small pieces of different shapes. Then we take a foam ball, put a shred of fabric on it and with a wooden stick we begin to press the edges of the shred into the ball (see fig.). Repeating this, we attach all the other shreds to the foam ball.

Finally, we attach a loop of ribbon to the ball. You can also decorate the Christmas ball.A Christmas ball of ragsis ready.

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