Peanuts in the country. Why not?

Modern gardeners, both amateurs and professionals, do not intimidate experiments with the cultivation of exotic plants in their own area. Why not just see them! Particularly dotted with such information are thematic publications, where summer residents show off the harvest of exotics. But if most plants are planted for the sake of interest, then some guests from warm countries can be of considerable benefit.

Take, for example, peanuts. This nut nut has been familiar to us since childhood, when it was such a rare overseas guest. Now everything has changed, thanks to international trade, peanuts can be on our table much more often. They contain a lot of antioxidants, and good news for gourmets, in fried nuts, their number is even greater.

Today it is not a problem to buy, but it will not be too difficult to eat these nuts nurtured on their own.

A little bit about peanuts

The birthplace of this delicacy is South America. The plant is one-year old, blooming for just one day.And therefore its small yellow flowers do not always have time to pollinate. Despite this, peanuts can be easily grown at their dacha, the main thing is to follow a few fairly simple rules:

Since the plant is very thermophilic, for growing, take the most sunny part of your garden, where there will be a good circulation of moisture. Soil can be black soil, and with an average clay content. Watch the temperature of the soil, sow only when the temperature reaches 12 degrees Celsius.

Regarding the plan of sowing: keep the distance between rows in the region of 70 centimeters, but between seeds about 20 centimeters, the depth of planting should not exceed 10 centimeters. If you worry that it will take a lot of planting material, then in advance, calm down for 10 meters square you need about 100 grams of seeds.

Peanut care is easy. Do not water before germination, so that there is no excessive moisture. Almost immediately after the shoots appear, they will bloom with gently yellow little flowers. Here at this stage you need to connect, it is necessary to carry out the procedure of hilling, the same as with cabbage or potatoes. Soon the bush will again appear on the surface of the earth, hilling repeat.It is the frequency of these procedures that will determine the quality of the harvest, so the more often the better. If summer is very arid, you can pour on peanuts a little, but you need to be very moderate.

Peanuts ripen in early October. When the harvest remains about 4 weeks, stop completely watering the plants. When you dig up, leave the roots in order for them to dry out. After that, you can easily collect the fruit and dry at room temperature.

The process is not complicated, even a summer cottage-beginner can. After all, growing up is always more pleasant. In addition, you can buy seeds of different peanuts. Some varieties, especially early selections, are much more useful than what is grown now on an industrial scale. After all, chasing after big yields, farmers ignore varieties with lower yields, but with a higher content of useful components.

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