Pepper to seedlings

Pepper is a popular vegetable on the table of Russians. The high content of vitamin, micro - and macronutrients, helps to keep the body in good shape. A distinctive feature of sweet and bitter (hot) pepper is that, when stored fresh, it practically does not lose vitamin C within 30-60 days. Pepper is a heat-loving plant, but thanks to breeders it can be grown in open ground in almost all regions of Russia. A prerequisite for the harvest of pepper is the cultivation of seedlings. It is first necessary to determine the varieties of sweet and bitter peppers. Popular varieties of peppers for growing outdoors. Shanghai
 Shanghai Pepper
The variety produces a crop very early, after about three months after sprouting. Peppers are large, up to 12 cm long, cleaned in green. Siberian Prince Early pepper, fruits are shaped like narrowed elongated cones. They begin to clean when the fruit becomes yellow, and when they fully ripen,they become glossy - red. Gingerbread Man
 pepper Kolobok
Early variety with round-shaped fruits, slightly flattened from the bottom. It has very fleshy walls. Gives a stable crop even in adverse weather conditions. One of the most popular with gardeners. Blond
 Pepper Blond
You can harvest in three and a half months after the appearance of seedlings . Large fruits up to 250 grams, with the observance of agrotechnics can collect more than 8 kg per square meter. When ripe, becomes a bright yellow color. Tevere
 Tevere pepper
Medium variety, with beautiful rich yellow peppers. The fruits are very large, the wall thickness is up to 1 cm. The buffoon One of the latest varieties. Crop matures in the middle of the fifth month after germination. Very resistant to many diseases, fruits in the form of a pointed cone, green - yellow. Ring of Fire
pepper Ring of Fire

Early hot pepper, to taste the typical "chili".Fruits are narrow, long up to 12 - 15 cm, the color varies from green to saturated red. After selecting the desired varieties, it is necessary to sow the seeds of pepper in seedlings in a timely manner. Sowing seedlings of sweet pepper and bitter pepper. Step 1 Fill the containers for seedlings with ground (for solanaceous crops). Be sure to provide drainage holes.
 Fill with soil
Step 2. Water the soil with plenty of water, it is important to water before the seeds are sown, so that they are not too carried away by the water. Step 3. The next day, we take the seeds out of the packages.
Step 4. Lay them out from two to five pieces per cup, when sown in a box, it is advisable to leave them e less than 3 cm between seeds.
 pepper for seedlings
Step 5. Sprinkle with a thin layer of soil, no thicker than two sizes of pepper seeds. Slightly - we slightly absorb the top layer. Step 6. We close the film and put it in a warm place.
pepper for seedlings
When you see 8–10 first shoots, put them on a well-lit window.We keep the first week under the film, if the earth dries out, then we do not water it from above, but put it in a tray with water for some time. Terms of seeding pepper seeds for seedlings - February, March. Optimally - from the last decade of February to the end of March. According to the lunar calendar, in 20015, it is recommended to sow pepper seedlings on February 21-23, February 28, March 1, March 6, and March 25-25.
pepper for seedlings

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