Perfect oval: the stars that made the facelift

The absence of a second chin, flabbiness and flesh - these celebrities exactly lay down under the plastic surgeon's knife.

Visually rejuvenating your face and making it more accurate is the dream of many women. When age-related changes are no longer possible to correct with the help of banal injections, it is time to seek help from a plastic surgeon. A circular facelift easily cope with the correction of lowered soft tissue, as well as adjust the shape of the face.

First of all, there are several types of facelift: skin-plastic lifting refers to the classical method, which affects only the skin, and does not apply to the muscle layer; SMAS lifting works on the muscular layer, so a rather noticeable facial rejuvenation occurs and will relieve you from pronounced age-related changes. However, the second method has a longer rehabilitation period.

In order to stay young as long as possible, celebrities have not been afraid to lie under the surgeon's knife for a long time and make themselves a facelift.

Pamela Anderson has long looked completely different than in the beloved series “The Rescuers of Malibu”. The face of a celebrity almost every year changes, and it is more difficult to know her. The reason is frequent cosmetic procedures and facelift. The actress herself said more than once in an interview: “I am not against plastic surgeries that I have done, and I think this is normal. But I would not want to feel again when the knife is thrust into me. ”

The youngest of the Kardashian-Jenner sisters, Kylie, decided not on one plastic surgery. According to many experts, she did rhinoplasty, multiple injections and a lift. That is why it looks not at all like 7 years ago.

51-year-old Nicole Kidman always looks young, but lately her face looks more like a mask. It all started with rhinoplasty, then the star increased her lips, and then decided on a circular tightening. Because of this, her face now seems strained and unnatural.

We know at least another 9 celebrities who decided on a circular face lift.

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