Picky subscribers pounced on pregnant Hannah

After the news about the future replenishment, the singer cannot take a step without the care of outsiders.

It is clear why celebrities are in no hurry to talk about pregnancy. After all, immediately there is a crowd of caring subscribers who follow every careless step. After Hannah shared the good news about the future replenishment, positive comments about the singer’s appearance and their admiration for the couple with Pasha began to literally drown in a stream of condemnation. If you believe the vicious subscribers, the girl does not dress and shoes like that, eats the wrong food for her position, and now she has completely put two lives at risk - her own and the child!

But Hannah just swept on a yacht in Dubai and took a photo for her Instagram. Post instantly scored hundreds of comments, but not all were positive:

“It’s dangerous to be photographed in this position!” Horror, he doesn’t think about the child at all, only about himself, ”“ He stands on the very edge,but a boat can fall, ”“ You can’t go crazy, even on the go, very bravely, you don’t think so. ”

May 7, 2018 at 1:40 PDT

And this is not the first time. Subscribers of the singer showed excessive care under the last photo:

“Hmm, a short dress, at least there would be respect for the situation. And heels, heels can not be during pregnancy. "

6 May 2018 at 4:58 PDT

And under the previous one:

“Spend a lot in the sun, think about it”, “Did you suck your belly? Why, so it is impossible. "

5 May 2018 at 11:02 pdt

Fortunately, Hannu doesn’t seem to hurt the teachings at all. The star does not write angry posts, and in the comments rarely responds only to positive remarks.

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