Pillow in the old Japanese style Shibori. Master Class

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In the interior decor, every detail has its own weight and influence on the mood and style of the space. Textiles and decorative pillows in particular set no less tone than large pieces of furniture, and sometimes you can add style to a completely neutral interior with a pair of decorative elements.

Especially when the print or the color of textiles are more or less universal and thereby give uniqueness and originality to any interior.

Shibori- is one of the representatives of such universal drawings. Products made of fabric dyed with this ancient Japanese method give a special oriental aesthetics to any interior.

Today we will make one of these unique prints.

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  • Two pillowcases;
  • One dye package (in this case DYLON Fabric Dyes was used);
  • Scissors;
  • Cord;
  • Two buckets;
  • A pair of rubber gloves.


  • Tightly tie the pillowcases in the middle with a cord. The stronger you tie, the less dye will seep onto the pillow in this place;
  • Then moisten pillow cases. This will create smoother transitions, they will be sharp on a dry cloth;
  • Dilute the dye by following the individual instructions on the package;
  • Then, lower the half of the pillowcase into the bucket and let it soak for45 minutes. We take out and hang on a clean bucket, unpainted part down. Gradually, the paint will seep down, the longer you leave it in this position, the more dye will be absorbed into the pillowcase;
  • It remains to dry our pillowcases in the sun.

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