Ping-pong balls craft

Today, we study the colors for kids, but first we will make a bright and inexpensive manual multicolored balls in an egg box with our own hands.

In order to make interesting and useful materials with your own hands for children, you need to constantly be on this wave, look at all the objects that surround us through the prism of benefits for the development of the baby. When we enthusiastically develop a child, then in every thing that could easily have been thrown away, we begin to see an exciting and multifunctional study guide with our own little discoverer.



It would seem that a regular egg carton can give? But no, for a parent whose baby is actively learning the characteristics of the objects around him, such a thing can become simply indispensable in the learning process. And adding to it tennis balls and armed with paints, we will create a whole manual, with which, for example, you can learn colors easily and cheerfully.(it is desirable that the baby was older than 2 years old, children of an earlier age, probably want to try the balls to taste).

So, we will repeat: we need:

egg box;

ten tennis balls;

paints and a brush.

 plastic packaging


sha ric

Workflow: First we have to color the carriage cells in different colors.

paint the cells in multicolored colorspaint the cells in multicolored colors

Then we paint the tennis balls in the same colors.

 color the tennis ball

color the tennis ball

We are waiting until everything is dry.

 We study colors

We study colors

 We study color 1

We study colors 1


Now with a small researcher we start to play different games: / p>

we put the balls in the right cells, saying the name of the color;

  • we ask you to put the ball in a certain color in a certain color cell
  • older kids can be asked not to put it,and throw the balls into the desired cell
  • just get them into the box, and then pronounce what kind of ball in what color “hole” landed
  • consider the balls, please arrange them in the correct sequence: first red, then blue, etc.

The sequence can be drawn on a piece of paper, so the kid will practice following the instructions.

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