Pink Eight

Spring is very soon. And with it comes the thaw, the singing of birds, the light warm breeze and the first flowers. And March presents us an excellent reason to please lovely women and give them presents by March 8. Very original for this holiday will be a pink card in the form of eight. The technique of execution is quite simple, so you can teach your son or daughter and they will make an odd job for your grandmother, sister or aunt. For the work you need the simplest materials that are always at hand: a piece of dense cardboard ; - scissors (you can take a stationery knife); - pink napkins (23 pieces); - stapler; - tube with white glue; - pencil.
simple materials
To get started, take a piece of thick cardboard and draw an eight on it ku As a basis, you can choose a paper box for packing goods. How to draw a beautiful number 8? It is necessary to take a saucer, circle it around the contour - this is the lower circle, it is the largest. Then circle the cup on top - it is a smaller circle.With it, draw a smaller circle in the center of a large one. A glass serves as the basis for the smallest circle. This is all very simple. But if you do not want to pick up the radii of the circles for too long, then print out the number 8 on the entire A4 sheet and cut it along the contour. Then transfer the image to cardboard.
 draw the number eight
Use a stationery knife and sharp scissors to cut the figure outlines. It turns out such a blank.
cut out the number
Now proceed to the formation of lush pink flowers. As you understand, this color is not important to choose. You can take these napkins, which you have on the farm. Blue, yellow, red and even white crafts will look great too. Take one napkin and fold it into three parts.
Take one napkin
 fold the napkin
And this preform also needs to be folded three times. It turns out a square of 2.5 cm by 2.5 cm.
fold three times
Fix this workpiece with a stapler in the center.
Fix the blank
Fix the workpiece
Trim the edges. There is a circle with a lot of thin leaves.
 Trim Edges
Gradually gather the sheets in the center and squeeze them with your hands. It turns out a lush little flower. It is not necessary to separate each thin leaf, you can immediately take a few.
many thin leaflets
 squeeze them with your hands
Make all other blanks on the same principle. You should have 21 flowers.
 other blanks
 paste over the paper blank
Now you need to paste over the paper blank.Take the remaining two napkins and cut them into thin strips 2 cm wide.
 Take the remaining two napkins
Gradually paste over the surface of the entire figure. For this you need to smear the cardboard base with PVA glue and wind it around with napkin strips.
 Gradually glue
 Wrap over gradually
It only remains to paste all the pink blanks on cardboard base. Try to put flowers closer to each other.  glue all the pink blanks  paste all pink blanks Here is an original postcard from paper napkins.  Pink Eight
 Pink Eight
She can decorate the room for the holiday of March 8, hanging on the wall. She will be the original gift to any woman. By the same principle, you can make the numbers for any other holiday. For example, February 14 or 23, December 31, on the anniversary of a wedding or birthday. The photo is obtained crafts in one color. And if you form flowers from multi-colored napkins, it will look no less attractive, and even more fun.

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