Polishing the headlamp with toothpaste

Modern glass headlights have long been made of plastic, rather than glass. This replacement has one significant disadvantage: with a long car life, the glass at the headlights begins to become cloudy and loses its transparency. Hence the confusion of light beams, there is no clear edge of illumination, as a result only the blinding light for oncoming cars and no sense of the headlights glow for a long distance.

Why does the headlight glass grow cloudy and yellow?

The fact that plastic, unlike glass, does not have such hardness. When the machine is operated, various glass particles act on this glass: small pebbles, coarse dust, sand, tree branches, etc. All these particles and objects leave microcracks on the glass, which are not visible to the naked eye. Yes, even if you brush away the dust from the headlamp with a dry cloth, this will also cause micro damage to the glass. As a result, dust and dirt get cracked into these microcracks, the glass becomes cloudy and yellow.

Polishing with toothpaste

To get rid of this shortcoming, you need to polish the glass. Polishing will remove the top micro layer of plastic together with cracks, smooth out any irregularities. We will not use scarce and expensive polishes to polish the glass of the headlamp. We can do the usual toothpaste. Yes - yes, toothpaste perfectly polishes the surface, and it doesn’t matter that it is metal or plastic glass.
Polishing the headlights with toothpaste

The process of polishing the headlights

It’s not necessary to remove Faro from the car! I just did a major overhaul of my car, so I took it off, you can repeat my process without removing either the glass or the headlights. The first thing to do is to clean the headlamp from dirt and dust in the usual way. Let's splash the headlights with any detergent and wipe dry.
Polishing headlights with toothpaste
Polishing headlights with toothpaste
If you have a choice of detergents, then preference should be given to that which contains isopropyl alcohol. Then apply toothpaste, smear it with fats. And we begin to polish the usual towel, which is not a pity.I manually polished with quick movements, but if you have electric polishing machines, you can use them. By the time I rubbed the spotlight for about five minutes without stopping.
Polishing the headlights with toothpaste
Polishing headlights with toothpaste
Next, wash off everything with water. Again abundantly sprinkle with a detergent and wipe the glass with a dry towel.
Polishing headlights with toothpaste
The result is noticeable, and I like it. Repeat polishing with toothpaste. After the second polishing, the result is better, and a yellow coating is still visible on the towel, despite the repeated polishing.

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