Polymer jewelry for scrapbooking

Modern handicraft techniques are very diverse, rich and very popular, thanks to a very wide and rich selection of materials, tools and accessories. You can take absolutely any technique and each of them will delight and surprise us with its versatility. Today, quite popular scrapbooking, decoupage, cardmaking, patchwork, quilling, etc. Each of them is interesting in its own way and allows us to make very beautiful and original products that can be used both in everyday life and as gifts for your surroundings. Each of the above techniques complements each other, each of them is very interesting, so if you already own at least one of these techniques, then mastering other techniques will not be a problem. The most important thing in any needlework is fantasy. It is thanks to her that a person can create something unique and perfect, such a product that will be pleasant to do, and then also present as a gift. Here, for example, even take the technique of scrapbooking.What is it so interesting? This is one of the most popular techniques at the moment, it is in such products as a postcard, notebook, envelope for money, an album, an interesting gift box, etc. In a word, you can create any paper object. Of course, to make any product you need a lot of different materials and accessories. In addition to paper and cardboard paper souvenirs you need a lot of different scrap ornaments: flowers, leaves, beads, pictures, vysechek, pugovok, ribbons, logging, etc. Very popular decorations for scrap products are products made of polymer clay. These can be frames, flowers, birds, cameos and other objects. Even a small frame will add some originality and additional effect to your card. You can buy ready-made jewelry in special stores, and you can make such different elements at home using different molds. Forms for creating jewelry made of plastic are called molds. Molda is a silicone mold for jewelry. How to use them and what they are exactly now we will consider. So,we need to take: • Two silicone molds of frames + mini figures; • Plastic in sticks 17 grams; • Knife for cutting; • • Board for plasticine; • Glue for decoupage ; • Brush for decoupage;
 Polymer jewelry for scrapbooking
we need to take
Forms must be clean and dry. Put them on the board. We take sticks with plastic and a knife, cut into small pieces.  Forms
 Making a green frame
Making a green frame, take a piece of green plastic and mash it up it is until it becomes soft and flexible.
 a piece of green plastic We roll a small sausage out of it and put it into shape, push it in and stack it with the back of the hand.
Kata the next piece
We roll the next piece and fill the entire form.
 roll the next piece
 Kata the next piece
Do the same and with the second form.
fill the whole form
 We do the same with another form
We put forms with the contents in the bags, close them and put them before freezing in the freezer, you can overnight. Then get out of the freezer and bake in the oven at a temperature of 150 degrees for about 15 minutes. We take it out, let it cool down and put it in cold water.
 put in bags
 put before freezing
Frames dry up and varnish them, dried. Such polymeric ornaments of different colors are obtained here. Any frame will complement the card and give it a festive look! Thank you all for your attention!
 Plastic decoration for scrapbooking

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