Postcard and ribbon for jars with embroidery "Dachshund"

Postcard and ribbon for cans with embroidery "Dachshund"- present a friend to a dog breeder or four-legged pet of delicacies, cooked by hand and decorated with charming embroidered dachshunds.


Step 1

Making a decorative tape for a can

Cut the embroidered canvas to 5x35 cm (or increase the length to fit your can). Attach strips of fabric (4x35 cm) to the top and bottom edges of the embroidery face down. Sew them on a typewriter.

Expand and iron the seams. Stitch the upper and lower parts (face down), iron the seam. Turn on the face. Tighten both ends and sew them on a typewriter. Put the finished product on the can.

Step 2

Making a card

Fold the white cardboard in half to make a postcard in the form of a square. Put a piece of background fabric on the cobweb and cut a 9x9 cm square using scalloped scissors.

Cut the embroidered canvas to 7x7 cm and perform a fringe with a width of several rows around the perimeter. Remove the paper substrate "spider" and glue the background fabric to the embroidery with an iron. Double-sided adhesive tape glue it to the postcard.

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