Pregnancy after stimulation of ovulation

Pregnancy after stimulation of ovulationBecoming a mother is the dream of every woman. But every year women with a diagnosis of "infertility" is becoming more and more. At the same time, medical technologies are being developed that allow to solve many problems. For example, the lack of ovulation in some cases is relatively simply corrected by hormonal drugs. This treatment is called ovulation stimulation, it is carried out when pregnancy does not occur due to a malfunction of the ovary, when in the middle of the cycle a ripe egg does not come out of the follicle.
When do they stimulate ovulation? This procedure can be prescribed only by a doctor after an established cause of infertility - anovulation. It is necessary to undergo comprehensive examinations in order to exclude other possible causes of infertility. For example, obstruction of the pipe. With this diagnosis, stimulation is strictly contraindicated. Also check sperm for fertility. After ultrasound monitoring in case of no ovulation, the doctor will select the appropriate drugs for you and their dosage.
The scheme of stimulation of ovulation with medical preparations consists of several stages:
Pregnancy after stimulation of ovulation

  1. from 5 DC to 9 DC - Klostilbegit for 1 (50 mg) tablet per day;
  2. 10, 12, 14 DC - ultrasound monitoring. Follow the growth of follicles, the thickness of the endometrium. When taking Klostilbegit estrogen deficiency may occur. Endometrium may not increase enough, then appoint Proginova;
  3. According to the results of the ultrasound, when the dominant follicle is in size from 2 cm to 2.5 cm, an injection of hCG is prescribed (injection of human chorionic gonadotropin). Its dosage is selected by the doctor, from 5,000 to 10,000 IU. It stimulates the rupture of the follicle, preventing its regression or the formation of a cyst;
  4. in 24-36 hours ovulation occurs. Sexual contacts during this period are regulated taking into account the quality of the spermogram of the partner, are possible daily or every other day;
  5. after confirming ovulation, progesterone-containing drugs are prescribed on ultrasound (Duphaston, Utrogestan);
  6. two weeks after ovulation, they are tested for hCG. His positive indicators indicate the occurrence of pregnancy. If hCG is 0, then progesterone support is canceled.

Pregnancy after stimulation of ovulation
Practice shows that pregnancy does not necessarily occur in a stimulated cycle, there are those who become pregnant after stimulating ovulation in the next or subsequent cycles. After all, natural ovulation after stimulation is possible in subsequent cycles.
The doctor may prescribe stimulation for several cycles in a row, but not more than three. It is necessary to take into account that stimulation with Closibegit is carried out not more than six times in a woman’s entire life. The drug can cause hyperstimulation, which is dangerous ovarian depletion. With stimulation, multiple pregnancy is possible (5% of all those who become pregnant). The frequency of pregnancy after stimulation of ovulation in one cycle is about 15%.

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