Pregnant star twerka danced and gave birth to a daughter

Elena Yatkina began to think up the dance choreography as soon as she learned that she was expecting a child.

Remember the girl who danced twerking while pregnant? Her then only lazy did not bite - they say, it is not worthy for a lady to turn her booty. But Elena did not listen to detractors. And thought out a new dance. Invented and recorded a surprisingly gentle video in pastel-pink tones.

It is unusual to see a rather energetic dance performed by a girl with a tummy, which is to say. But still it is very beautiful - Elena just glows from the inside. In her eyes, not just the glitter of sensuality or passion, like ordinary dancers, but also the light of maternal love.


Clip Lena posted on the network just the other day.

- This video was waiting in the wings. Filmed in the middle of the 7th month of pregnancy, when the little miracle was still inside. But today my princess is already a month old. And still I do not believe! I do not believe that a month ago I gave life to a little man.I can not believe that we have a daughter with loved ones! - says young mommy.

As Elena said, the drawing of the dance was born immediately after she learned that she was pregnant. Thought together choreography with her husband.

“These are not just movements, not just choreography ... This is a part of the soul.” And it is not just words! To be honest, I was pulling it out for this reason. This video is very personal, - shared Lena.

And for those who, in comments on various forums, argued that such dances would not end well for a child, she added:

- The daughter was born, everything is good - it is for everyone who is so "worried" for my bellied dances. So ... all boundaries in the head. I danced until the 9th month inclusive.

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