Pumpkin Risotto with Sage

Photo: Lena Moskalenko
Rice (Carnaroli)1 stackPumpkin500 gramsVegetable broth1.8 literCheese (grana padano)150 gramsShallot2 onionsLeek1 stalkGarlic2 teethSage (fresh twigs)3-4 piecesButter40 gramsPepper (mixture)1 tbsp.Garlic (ground)1 tbsp.Bay leaf (for a bouquet of garni)1 sprigParsley (for a bouquet of garni)3-4 stalksGreen onion (feather) (for a bouquet of garni)3-4 stalksThyme (for a bouquet of garni)3-4 stalks
  • Servings:

On the eve of All Saints' Day, Chelyabinsk food-blogger and journalist Lena Moskalenko cooked pumpkin specifically for Woman’s Day and offers to taste everything from a Moroccan snack to an exquisite French dessert.

Cooking method:

Divide the pumpkin into two parts, one grate on a medium grater, the other - cut into cubes with a side of 1 x 1 cm. Roll the pumpkin cubes in garlic and peppers, fry and set aside until serving.

Prepare the vegetable broth with a bouquet of garni, cover it with a lid and let it stand for 10-15 minutes, then remove the herbs.

Heat the butter in a pan, fry the sage in it and remove. Add both types of onion, grated pumpkin and minced garlic to fragrant oil - spasserovat vegetables in butter until done.

Add Carnaroli rice to the vegetables and oil well, then add a little broth and cook the risotto to the state of al dente, adding periodically the broth as it boils.

Grain padano cheese grate on a medium grater, mix it with rice with the last portion of broth, stir vigorously and then remove from the stove.

Arrange the risotto in portions, top with pumpkin cubes, sprinkle with cheese, decorate with sage sprigs and serve immediately.

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