Reasonable consumption and ethical fashion: what does it mean

There is such a thing as sustainable fashion - ethical fashion production. And all progressive girls today are not following trends, but precisely this “conscious” fashion. What is ethical fashion? Firstly, these are ecomodels, but they look much deeper. This is a reasonable consumption of natural resources and the use of recycled materials. Rejection of mass production in favor of small scale. Well and another important point - careful attention to the production in the third world countries and the exploitation of the poor. In general, the process of producing materials and things should not harm the environment. Environmental friendliness and humanity - this is the base on which the “new” fashion is built.

Of course, this topic has been raised quite a long time ago, but in the past such ideas seemed utopian, and now not only words, but also actions are noticeable. Plus the desire and interest of buyers. That is, the demand for a conscious fashion is created today by the consumer himself.A consumer in the general mass of banal tired of just clothes. Give her not a label with a loud name, but some important emotion and history.

The ideas of ethical fashion actively penetrate fashion houses, moving from theory to practice, and most importantly, this applies not only to the mass market, but also to luxury. Did you know, for example, that the collection of the H & M Conscious brand was created from recycled materials and old items that customers left in special baskets in the brand's shops? Or that there is a concern Kering, most interested in a conscious fashion? This includes such brands as Gucci, Saint Laurent, Balenciaga. Kering is engaged in innovations that today produce clothing and footwear of the aforementioned brands. It is clear that Gucci still uses leather, unlike Stella Mccartney, for example, but the conditions of production are such that they are harmless - they do not produce unnecessary fumes at least. In general, everyone is joking and really seriously.

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