Rebel Princess: What a mom was Lady Dee

10 evidence that she appreciated and loved her sons much more than titles and privileges.

In Britain, Lady Dee just adored. For a good temper, for style, for incredible self-esteem. And for what she was mom. Princess Diana has repeatedly defied royal traditions, when she was sure that there was an option best for her children. She was a real rebel.

1. Lady Di delivered in a hospital

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Many generations of British monarchs gave birth at home. Of course, in the presence of physicians with all the necessary equipment, but still at home, in the palace. But Princess Diana decided that the hospital would be better. Prince William was the first royal child born in the hospital. Prince Harry was born two years later in the same hospital in London. In the same place, in Saint-Mary, William's children — George, Charlotte and Louis — were born.

2. The princess chose natural childbirth without anesthesia.

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The English queens — both Victoria and Elizabeth — gave birth, being in a state of so-called twilight consciousness. Women were under anesthetic, and sometimes inhaled the ether - “give birth and forget”.Children while pulling the tongs. But Diana was not needed. She gave birth to both children naturally. The first birth lasted 16 hours. At the second birth was attended by Prince Charles, father of the children of Diana. It is also known that the hospital asked to prepare equipment for vertical delivery.

3. She started talking about postpartum depression.

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This initiative continued and Kate Middleton. If now talk about depression after childbirth sounds almost normal, almost without meeting the condemnation of the public, then it was just nonsense to the point of decency. In the royal family, there was nowhere to wait for support.

“It seemed to me that I was the first member of the family who could cry without hiding. And no one knew what to do with it, ”she said in an interview.

4. She insisted on a regular school for children.

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As a rule, the royal offspring brought up in the palace. But Princess Diana was against it. She believed that William needed to be trained outside the house. When he was three years old, she gave him to school, creating a new tradition in education, which is still supported by Kate and William.

5. Diana wanted her children to live a normal life.

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The princess believed that children should see not only the refined life that the royal court lives, but also the one that ordinary people live. She took them to McDonald's (unheard of!), Took them to a supermarket, drove on holidays to Austria, the Virgin Islands, and even to Disneyland in Florida.

6. The princess honestly told the children about the relationship with their father.

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Diana did not shy away from discussing heavy topics with her boys. She believed that there was no need for them to stew in their own emotions and feelings, being unable to deal with them.

“I told William,“ If you find a person you truly love, you must hold on to him, fight for your happiness. If this man loves you, you should be able to protect him, ”said the princess in an interview after the divorce.

7. She protected children from the hype when divorcing

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To tell a child that you and his father will no longer live together is very difficult and painful. But Diana understood how important this was. And how important it is for the children to hear this news from their parents, and not from the media or from their neighbors. A week before the announcement of the divorce of Prince Charles and Diana was to take place, she herself told Harry and William about everything. The hype in the media is no longer a shock for them.And from journalists, they hid in the walls of their school.

8. Diana and Charles have kept relationships to help children.

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One can only imagine what Diana felt at the divorce. After all, her husband, the father of her children, no longer hid his feelings for Camille Parker-Bowles. The easiest way would be to break off any contact with him. But they have children ... 14-year-old William and 11-year-old Harry spent the weekend taking turns with his father and his mother. Diana was able to maintain a balance so as not to injure her sons with her pain.

9. She understood how important it is for mom not to forget about herself.

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Women after the birth of children often drown in diapers. Society perceives it perfectly normally - “you are a woman, you are a mother”. But Diana was not going to dissolve in motherhood. She believed that a woman should have time for herself. It is not necessary to carry all the maternity alone. There should always be a day when you go to a spa, to a massage, to a beauty salon or just to walk - in general, devote your time to yourself.

10. Princess Diana taught children charity

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Lady Dee was known as one of the largest philanthropists of her time. Harry and William continued her business.They help many charitable organizations with which their mother worked. Helping seriously ill children and homeless people - the princes do not see anything wrong with meeting them in person and trying to make the life of the disadvantaged better.

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