Relax with minimal cost in an expensive city

Moscow and London are competing for the title of the most expensive capital of the world - and often the largest city in Russia wins. This dubious achievement makes tourists think about whether there really will be enough money to spend a few days in Moscow. Do not need to panic prematurely - with the right approach to organizing recreation, the costs will not be so great. First of all, hotels in Moscow have a significant delta in prices - you can easily find an inexpensive option, while not far from the metro and the main attractions. The service is often included and breakfast, while lunch and dinner can be ordered in an inexpensive cafe or use the delivery of dishes.

As always, the Internet comes to the rescue - it's not only a storehouse of reviews, but also a source of information about discounts. Many establishments offer coupons for free service or a substantial discount.Do not be lazy to learn about upcoming promotions - this will reduce the travel budget by two or three times. On specialized sites you can find exclusive offers for a certain number - always check the latest information. For example, the famous marathon “Night of Museums” in Moscow allows you to visit any exhibition of the capital completely free of charge. And theaters make a significant discount on watching the dress rehearsal before the premiere - this is the same performance, with the same makeup and costumes, just not on the day of the premiere. However, in Moscow there are not only well-known stage stages, but also experimental and student theaters - and the quality of the game is not inferior to the actors of the Bolshoi. If you plan to visit several cities, book hotels in advance here - it is much more convenient to do it in one place. And when moving within the capital, find out all the possible ways: you need to build a route so that as many of the objects as possible fit into one trip. Sometimes the bus route in the center can replace a specialized guided tour, especially if you take care of the sightseeing map in advance.

It is worth visiting the parks of the capital: each has professional landscape designers, so you can consider them as works of art and open-air museums. At the same time with free admission. Often in the parks there are thematic exhibitions of animals and plants, as well as picnic areas are equipped - a great way to relax with the whole family in nature, without leaving the capital.

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