Removable apartment: create comfort without repair

Let's say you found the apartment of your dreams. It is inexpensive, located next to a convenient metro station, not far from work, and everything suits you, except for repairs ... Suddenly it turns out that landlords are totally against any, even cosmetic, interference and shabby furniture and that “wonderful” burgundy carpet on the wall. This is not a reason to despair! How to turn an apartment into a cozy family nest, where you are not ashamed to invite friends, says Anastasia Mironova, architect, designer of the show “For Rent!” With repair! "On the channel" Home ".
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To start, remove from your eyes master calendars, vases, tapestries and other things that do not fit into your idea of ​​a perfect interior. Discuss with the owners of equipment cabinets - there you can add all the "inheritance". Pack old items in boxes and try to find them a place on the mezzanine, in the pantry or on the balcony. Another option: move the sofa half a meter away from the wall, put stacks of boxes along the back and cover this structure with a board - you will have a comfortable tabletop.If you wish, pre-paint the boxes in bright colors or stick decorative paper on them.

The problem is unsightly walls

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Peeling walls and worn wallpaper is best to hang as much as possible. Pictures, posters, travel photographs, children's crafts, mirrors — all these things will refresh the interior and hide all sorts of defects: cracks, dents and scratches. You can go a simpler way: buy cotton draperies or vinyl stickers. They are easy to attach, keep well and, most importantly, they are easy and simple to remove at any time, without leaving marks. You can use Japanese curtains, they will hide the shortcomings of the walls, but will not reduce the space of the room.

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