Ribbon & Bead Bracelet

Handmade jewelry is highly appreciated by many fashionistas. Such products will give an image of completeness and individuality. Handmade jewelry is the best holiday gift for any woman. Especially valuable are the things that a person does on his own. To make the original jewelry will have to put a little work and perseverance, but the result will not take long. An adornment made with your own hands will be much cheaper than buying the same in a store. If there is a desire and time, then why not try to make an exclusive jewelry, taking into account all personal wishes? To make a bracelet with satin ribbons and beads you will need:
1. Satin ribbons of different widths 2. Beads 10-12 pieces, depending on the size of the bracelet and the size of the beads 3. Needle and thread in color to ribbons 4. Shears: 5. Lighter, to cauterize the edges of the tape. For the bracelet you need to pick up the tape in two colors.One tape can be taken with a width of 1.5-2 centimeters, and the second already - 1 centimeter. It is necessary that the narrow tape be placed over the wide one, and the edges of the lower tape can be seen quite well. The wide ribbon will need 100 centimeters, and narrow - 30 centimeters. The color of the ribbon should be chosen by your own preference. When choosing beads for a bracelet, you should consider their size and the size of the tape. For larger beads, choose ribbons of sufficient width. By choosing different colors of ribbons and beads, you can create a variety of original bracelets for each set of clothes. Also multi-colored bracelets that even children can wear look original. It is important that the colors of both ribbons match with each other and the color of beads. Making a bracelet. The first stage is the preparatory.

First you need to expand the tape on a comfortable surface. First you need to expand a wide ribbon, retreat 10-12 centimeters and put on top of a narrow one. In the middle of the tape you need to sew the usual seam, you can stitch on a typewriter. The seam is needed only so that the tape does not crawl. The second stage is assembling the bracelet.
 Original bracelet
Original bracelet
 Original bracelet
Next you need to sew all the beads to the ribbons one by one. At first glance, this may seem simple, but here is the whole snag. Satin or silk ribbons are too slippery. Beads are also not easy to sew. You need to sew the first bead simply, without hauling. Further from the ribbons it is necessary to form a small fold, so that the bead is turned out as between two tubercles. The fold of tapes must be fixed with a thread. When sewing beads, one should take into account their rounded shape and leave enough space between the folds so that the bracelet does not arch in different directions. One bead should be left to decorate the bow-latch. When all the beads are already sewn, you should thread the needle and thread through all the folds and beads so that the bracelet will gather into a single whole. Such stringing of beads can be done two or three times forgreater strength of the decoration. Photo 6 The inner side of the bracelet is not very attractive. Here all the seams and threads will be visible. This can be decorated with a small length of ribbon. To do this, measure how much tape you need to close the seams, and cut off the desired piece from the tape, the one that is wider. Gently, making a minimum of visible seams, you need to sew a piece of tape on the inside of the bracelet to hide the seams. The third stage is the collection of a bow-latch for a bracelet.
 Original bracelet
 bracelet of ribbons
Lighter or matches need to burn the edges of the ribbons, so that the threads are not cut. On the side where the smaller part of the ribbon stands, it must be folded in half and tie a knot around the first bead. The knot should turn out to be neat, you need to tighten it gradually. On the other hand there should be a lot of wide tape. From it you need to make a bow, which will serve not only as a decoration,but also a latch for the bracelet. The ribbon must be folded several times. You can wind on two or three fingers, depending on what size should make a bow. In the middle, you need to sew the folded tape with a seam to make a bow. In the middle of the bow must sew the remaining bead. It's important to consider the size of the bow and loop. The bow must go through the noose and hold the bracelet.
Original bracelet

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