Rice Chicken Cuts with Gentle Cheese

Ribbon rice-chicken with cheese "Gentle".

"title =" Rice-chicken ribbons with cheese "Gentle" "> You will need: 170 g long-grain white rice; 260 ml of drinking water; 180 g of processed cheese; 250 grams of chicken breast meat without pelt; 100 ml sunflower oil for frying; 60 g breadcrumbs; 2 pieces chicken eggs; Food salt, pepper. Preparation: 1. Rinse the rice under a tap with cold water until the whiteness disappears. Then pour the rice with drinking water and put on a strong fire, and after the start of the boil reduce the flame to medium and cook under the lid for 8 minutes. Then turn off the gas and do not remove the cover for another 10 minutes. 2. Chop the chicken breast finely and add to the cooled rice, and rub the frozen cheese on a fine grater in advance. Add salt and pepper and mix. 3. From the cooked minced meat, form cues and, roll them in breadcrumbs and dip lightly in beaten eggs. 4.Fry in oil (so that the blanket is up to the middle) on medium heat on both sides until an ocher crust appears.

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