Roasted quails with spinach salad

Quail4 piecesRefined vegetable oil4 tbsp.Lard (cut into small cubes)200 gramsMustard (wholegrain)1 tbsp.Garlic1 cloveLemon (juice)1/2 piecePepper (black, freshly ground)Spinach (young leaves)4 handful
  • Servings:

Cut off the ridge of each quail to “reveal” the carcass. Squeeze the back, flatten the carcass and cut the legs. Cut the breast in half. Rinse the carcass with cold water and dry thoroughly.

Heat the pan over high heat. Fry the quail for about 5 minutes on each side (their meat tastes better when it stays slightly pink inside).

Cook the sauce. Fry lard until golden brown in a skillet. Add oil, mustard and garlic, hold on the fire for another minute and then pour a little boiling water, pour in lemon juice, salt and pepper.

Spread the spinach on four plates, top with quails and pour over the warm sauce. Serve immediately on the table.

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