Corrugated paper rose

Rose of corrugated paper- the most beautiful roses of corrugated paper, from which you can make a wonderful and very beautiful bouquet of roses.

Materials and tools:

  1. colored (pink green) corrugated paper
  2. wire;
  3. scissors;
  4. gum.

Step 1

Take the pink paper, cut out the rectangle, fold it in half and round it from one corner. We turn it into a tube, in the middle drag it with an elastic band and form the center of the bud. Next, cut out the pink paper petals and give them a shape.

Step 2

Put the base of the bud on the wire and start gluing the petals around it - we form the bud. From green paper cut small petals and glue on the outside of the bud. Cut the long strip and wind the wire, starting from the bottom of the bud.

Repeating these steps we make other roses, you can also make a rose with an unblown bud, and make up a beautiful bouquet of roses with which you can decorate your house.

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