Roses from the book leaves

Many homes will find old or just unnecessary books and in order not to throw them out, you can make such beautifulRoses from book sheets. And from paper flowers to collect a beautiful bouquet to decorate the interior.

Materials and tools:

  1. books (sheets);
  2. scissors;
  3. glue gun;
  4. toothpicks;
  5. thin sticks or wire for the stem.

Step 1

First, we begin to cut the petals for the rosebud.

We take a book sheet and cut out a square of 11x11 cm from it. The larger the square, the larger the size of the petals and, accordingly, the larger rosebud is obtained.

We continue, we add a square on a diagonal (the triangle turns out). Then add the triangle in half and once again in half.

Take the billet and cut the top of the triangle in a semicircle with scissors, cut off the tip on the other side and unfold the flower-petal. Cut three such blanks.

Each flower-petal consists of 8 small petals. Cut the resulting flower-petal into small ones (see photo Step 1.10): it turns out in one detail consisting of 1, 2, 3, 5, 6, 7 petals.

Step 2

Let's start assembling the rosebud.

Take the part consisting of 3 and glue the edges using an adhesive glue gun (see photo Step 2-Step 2.2). We also do with parts consisting of 5, 6 and 7 petals. It turned out 4 blanks for the bud and they, using a toothpick, bend the edges.

There are two parts left that consist of 2 and 1 petals and just glue the edges together.

At the end we collect the bud, for this we insert one blank into another (into a larger smaller one), gluing them together with a hot-melt gun.At the same time in the center of the bud should get a hole.

That's it, the rosebud is ready.

Step 3

Take the bud and a thin strip (stem). Apply glue on the tip of the stem and insert a hole in the bud. We wait until the glue hardens and the color is ready. We make several such beautiful roses to collect in a beautiful bouquet.

Step 4

Some tips. Roses from book sheets and so look very beautiful, but they can also be decorated.

For example, circle the edges of the petal flowers with a marker and decorate with paint or stamps. Use for the manufacture of not only book sheets, but also other paper.

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