Round cardboard shelves

Round cardboard shelveswith your own hands - a simple and interesting project. Despite the fact that the shelves are made of cardboard or plastic pipes, the shelves are durable. Circles-shelves can be placed on the wall in any order and looking beautiful and unusual.

Materials and tools:

  1. saw (electric or manual);
  2. brush;
  3. sandpaper;
  4. a cardboard (or plastic) pipe with a diameter of 22 cm or more;
  5. paint;
  6. construction adhesive.

Step 1

Take a cardboard (or plastic) pipe and use a saw to cut off 8-16 cm wide circles from it (the width can be any one you need). Sandpaper carefully sand the edges. Notice we paint the circles in several layers of paint.

If circles-shelves hang separately from each other, then just paint them, wait until the paint dries and hang on the wall.

If the circles-shelves are one monolithic shelf, then first glue them together with mounting glue.

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