Russian artist creates stunningly realistic dolls, from which goosebumps

Sometimes handmade art can be so realistic that even words are not enough. When puppet masters create realistic dolls that look like living ones, it’s even a bit creepy. Mikhail Zaikov is one of such talented young masters. The faces of his creations look so natural and natural that when you see their heads in the hands of the master, you feel how goose bumps run down your back. And when you see his dolls in motion, the only thing that comes to your mind is: “Please do not blink! Please, just don't blink! ”

Zaikov graduated from the Kuban State University (Russia) in 2009, then in 2010-2013 he studied in graduate school, while working at the local puppet theater. In 2013, his works took part in the Art Dolls exhibition (“The Art of the Doll”) in Moscow, and this brought the author real fame.

To create his stunning dolls, the master uses polymer clay, hand-painted, as well as the necessary components, which he purchases in Germany and France.

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