Russian kvass from beet

Photo: Elena Moskalenko
Beet (small)3 piecesRye bread2 slices1 tbsp.Cane sugar50 gramsHorseradish (root)4–5 tbsp.
  • Flow temperature:Chilled Dish
  • Kitchen:Russian

Want to turn on a powerful vacuum cleaner for your liver? Then drink kvass from beets! One of the most traditional and healthy drinks in the culture of Russian cuisine. A recipe for this kvass appeared in Russia long before the appearance of beer and vodka. The secrets of cooking as a valuable trophy passed down from generation to generation. Now, though, a little forgotten, but it's a pity ... Woman’s Day decided to remind about this healing balm, and in the anti-dodging business, to miss a glass of horseradish is a real pleasure! According to journalist and blogger Lena Moskalenko, to cook it is a couple of trivia.

Per 3-liter jar


Raw beet peel, chop into cubes.

Dry rye bread.

Fold the beets in a jar, pour 2.5 liters of water, add rye crackers, raisins, horseradish and sugar.

Cover the jar with clean gauze. The main condition of the hearty drink is the air “cushion” between gauze and kvass,it is necessary for fermentation processes. Another requirement is a warm place, and this is also exactly the same for the activation of fermentation. Leave the brew for three days.

Ready kvass filter. Before serving keep in the fridge.

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