Schoolboy from Russia became a millionaire

A 17-year-old Muscovite Andrei Ternovsky, who invented the “chat-roulette” -, six months ago was going to be expelled from school for academic failure. And today he is a millionaire and lives in America.
Back in fifth grade, Andrei wrote a maze game, a year ago he designed a flash website for an antique shop. Communicating on the web, learned English and Chinese.
Back in fifth grade, Andrei wrote a maze game, a year ago he designed a flash website for an antique shop. Communicating on the web, learned English and Chinese.

At the parents' meeting before the autumn holidays, the mother of 11th grader Andrei Ternovsky did not hear anything new. “Your child skips school, does not want to learn - who will grow out of him ?! The work will not be decent, life is normal! ”But neither the teacher Andrew, nor even the mother knew that it was in these days that the bad schoolboy was inventing“ chat roulette ”. It is she who in a couple of months will make him rich and famous.

I do not want to study!

There are three programmers in the Ternovskiy family - mom, dad and eldest daughter Irina. Andrew sat down at the keyboard at the age of five, the “shooter-rushes” quickly got bored, and the boy plunged into the Internet.

“I have lived in the Net since then,” says Elena Sheina, Andrei's mother.- He has his own immense world there. Tried to ban, expelled him to walk, to friends, but all to no avail. We ourselves all the time at the monitors. The usual picture in the evenings: everyone sits, having buried in his computer. Mother - in the bedroom, son - in her room, shares their ten steps. A message flies through the Internet: "Child, go to dinner." Food Andrei dragged to his room. The keyboard, flooded with water and covered with crumbs, had to be changed 5-6 times a year.

Parents hoped that the son will also become a programmer. But in middle grades Andrei started having problems with mathematics, and then with other subjects. In the 9th grade, he was threatened for the first time with a deduction. Andrew got ready and passed the exams for 4 and 5. The fuse to study was not long enough. The last year morning began with the fighting - my mother forced to go to school.

“And it turned out he wasn’t sleeping again, he sat at the computer all night.” And the screams began: “I won't go!”, They threw things, once broke the door. Slept on the go. Once I wore it myself, leaned against the closet - I ran to look on the Internet where there are traffic jams. A minute later I come back, and he is right in the uniform and in the jacket already laid down on the bed - that's all, not to lift!

Chat Roulette was launched by Andrei Ternovsky in November 2009. The service allows Internet users to communicate via webcam. The interlocutor is selected randomly from those who are currently on the web. Dozens of investment funds have become interested in the invention. Yury Milner, the owner of DST (controls, Odnoklassniki, owns shares of the Vkontakte network, etc.), wanted to buy out 10% of Chatroulette. Fred Wilson from the Union Square Ventures Foundation invited Andrei to America for talks on cooperation.Uninterested experts estimate the chat roulette project at 30–35 million euros.

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