Season Winter

Winter is an amazing time of the year! The inhabitants of far from every country have the opportunity to get to know him, and such an ordinary thing for us as snow seems to them to be a real natural wonder. Therefore, be sure to talk about winter to children,

who do not know the advantages of each season and do not know how to distinguish them from each other and make winter crafts.


Season winter

Season winter

The story is better to start with the fact that winter is the coldest season, because the rays of the sun are almost winter do not heat the earth.

For convenience, people have divided all seasons for months, and in winter, as in summer, in spring and autumn, there are three months - this is December, January and February.

 Season winter for children

Season Winter for children

December begins the winter, but ends our year.

January falls in the middle of winter and the beginning of the year. In former times, it was considered the most severe winter month.

February stands on the border of spring and winter.This month there is often a strong wind that accompanies any change in the weather. The days become longer, and the sun shines much brighter, but it still does not warm well.

All the surrounding nature changes in winter. First of all, this is due to the fact that the plants are prepared in advance for the cold: the trees shed their leaves, the grass and flowers wither and dry. All this happens because the life processes inside the plants are suspended. In addition, the fall of the foliage protects the trees from branch breakage.

But the main distinguishing feature of winter is snow.In the form of snow precipitation falls — moisture that has evaporated from the surface of the earth. It is known that the water freezes in the cold. Therefore, the droplets of moisture are transformed into snowflakes - ice crystals. At the same time, the lower the temperature, the smaller the size of the snowflake, and the warmer the air, the more the snowflakes become like openwork flakes.

Winter picture

Winter picture

Snow is not only elegant winter decoration. Rich snow cover does not freeze the ground, and therefore protects the roots of plants.Many animals and birds winter in the snow, it covers dens and minks, preventing the animals that have fallen into hibernation from freezing to death. Therefore, the snow can be called a warm natural fur coat.

It is not only the water that has evaporated from the surface of the earth that stiffens. In winter, the rivers, lakes and other water bodies freeze. Shallow reservoirs freeze through, and deep ice forms a thick crust, under which fish and aquatic plants continue to live. When the water becomes very cold, they fall into a half-asleep state, thus saving their strength.

 Nature in winter pictures for children

Nature in winter pictures for children

And here are some forest animals in the winter, on the contrary, move even more actively, searching for food and protecting themselves from the cold. These include: fox, wolf, hare, squirrel, elk. A squirrel and a hare wear camouflage suits for the winter, in which it is more difficult for them to be noticed by predators. And some predators, such as wolves, gather in large flocks. So it's easier for them to hunt large animals.

A bear, a hedgehog, a ground squirrel, frogs, snakes and some other animals prefer to spend the cold season in hibernation - snowythe cover will not allow them to find enough food. At the same time, the gopher makes a reserve for the winter, and, occasionally waking up, supports his strength. (Demonstrate, in the process of telling how animals behave in winter, pictures for children).

 Animals in winter pictures for children

Animals in winter pictures for children

Some birds fly away from cold winter places to warmer lands: they are driven there by the feeling of hunger, because all insects hide in the winter. Such birds are called migratory. In the spring, when it gets warmer, they return to their homeland. This group includes: larks, swallows, starlings, rooks, swans.

Other birds prefer to spend the winter in the cold. A woodpecker and a jay spend the winter in the forest, and near the man - a magpie, a crow, a pigeon, a sparrow, a bullfinch and a tit. People try to help their feathered friends - make feeders and feed them.

 Birds in the winter pictures for children

Birds in the winter pictures for children

In general, in winter, people do not waste time: they arrange happy holidays, the main of which is considered the New Year.This is not only the most important holiday of winter, but also one of the most joyful, beautiful and fun holidays throughout the year. The main symbol of the New Year is, of course, an elegant Christmas tree. And his main character - Santa Claus. And, of course, it is impossible to imagine this holiday without a lot of pleasant surprises and gifts that Santa Claus likes to distribute to children.

New Year pictures for children

New Year pictures for children

But not only in the New Year, you can have fun in the winter. Every day is easy to turn into a holiday, because for this, a lot of New Year's crafts and winter fun were invented. (Tell us about winter fun, pictures for children will make your story more expressive).

So, what can you do to have fun in the winter?

  • To play snowballs. You do not have to throw them at each other - you can choose a suitable target and compete in accuracy.
  • Blind a snowman out of snow and even a whole family of snowmen. You can also build a stunning castle or fortress out of snow. We can make a craftsman snowman at home.
  • Go skiing - on a ski run or from a hill.
  • Go skating,to play catch-up on the ice.
  • To go sledding from the mountain.

These games are not only fun, but also very useful - for those who are not afraid of the winter frost, terrible and cold.

 Winter Fun - Snowball Game

Winter Fun - Snowball Game

 Winter fun - skiing

Winter fun - skiing

 Winter fun - ice skating

Winter fun - ice skating

Winter fun - sledding

Winter fun - sledging

 Winter fun - sculpt the snowman

Winter I have fun - sculpt snowman

Summarize the outcome of the story. Use for this a picture of the characteristic seasons - let the child choose those that relate to winter.

 Picture signs of winter

Picture signs of winter

And you can also make winter riddles.For example, these are:

  • Who pinches the forehead, cheeks, ears, nose in winter? (Frost).
  • Who buried himself in the leaves in winter, covered himself with warm snow, and if you want, you will not find? (Hedgehog)
  • Who wintering next to us, with a red breast hero? (Bullfinch)
  • What in winter lies on top of all the land and even rivers? (Snow)
  • How to live in the winter, all wolves know. They will simply gather in ... (flock).

Or learn a simple rhyme about winter:

The snow is spinning, the snow is falling

On the trees, on at home.

We are happy animals, happy birds:

Hello, winter-winter.

Snow wrapped like a fur coat,

Everything what was in the yard.

We do not lose a minute -

Snow - to the delight of children!

We take shovels, sleds,

Skis, buckets and skates.

We put on earflaps,

Fur coats, scarves, shoes.

We will have fun

We will meet the winter .

Our friendly crowd

Do not intimidate the cold weather!

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