Selection of equipment for the kitchen

The modular approach to the overall design of the kitchen is currently a pronounced trend. Separating the oven from the hobs allows you to create multiple cooking stations instead of one. Combined stove with a hob, people put to save space, and for special cases when people like to cook on a brazier or in a cauldron, you can put an additional stove above, at the height of the cabinet.

Many serious cooks prefer gas with its instant response, precise controllability and reduced operating costs over time. Others praise the uniformity of electrical heating and lower initial cost of the device.

Today you can get the best of both “dual heating” heating methods that allow you to mix gas and electrical heat sources; For example, gas for cooking, and electricity for cooking for a couple. Convection ovens, most often electric, use heated air,to cook twice as fast as conventional ovens that rely on conventional heat. You can even put a microwave combined with a convection oven.

Electric coils are the most popular type of electric burners and the least expensive. Upper surfaces are offered with one of three types of heat sources: radiating electrical coils under the glass surface, Halogen burners, or magnetic induction elements. They all require thick, flat-bottomed dishes. If you choose gas, the soiled burners are easier to clean, and the automatic gas shut-off system means that you will not start a fire in case of careless handling. Glass plates have high cooking efficiency and have high style. They require good ventilation systems.

What about control? The controls located on the front or side of the instrument are the most common and convenient, but universal access means only that: unfortunately a curious kid can turn it on. People with small children may prefer controls located on the baseboard,out of reach of children's fingers. Many people love refrigerators and dishwashers that have been closed with facades, but the latest trend is to keep the borders of the visible technology. Cleaning the hob has always been a problem, but there are several options to make work easier. To facilitate cleaning the hob, consider a special detergent and self-cleaning ovens of two types: one that uses a high heat cycle that turns pollution into ashes that can be wiped off, the other that offers a continuous cleaning function.

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