A do-it-yourself van de Graaff generator

So the first thing to do is to assemble all the necessary components. They include: 1 pencil, two old dried pastes, a piece of PVC pipe, one dead light bulb, a long piece of rubber, a clip, aluminum foil, an adhesive tape, one small engine from the toy, a nine-volt battery, and a little wire, well, small plate Everything is visible on the photo:
The first step in your actions will be to drill a hole under the tube at the base of the base. You need to take a drill with a drill bit of the correct diameter to make the PVC tube fit tightly.
Next,  youmaketwothroughholesthroughbothsidesofthetube.Thedistancebetweentheholesissuchthatwhenpastingpasteandtensionbetweenthegumpastessothatthegumisslightlytensioned.Makesurethattherubberbandisnotsittingtootightotherwiseitwillstoptheengine.

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