Sewing tulle

Tulle is an integral part of the interior, which allows you to create coziness and comfort in every home. Besides the fact that tulle adorns the window, he protects it from prying, prying eyes. At the present time, a huge variety of tulle, for every taste and price. But you can decorate and sew the tulle with your own hands, it will create even more comfort and warmth. Creative tulle of own tailoring.  sewing curtains
Sewing tulle is not difficult at all, it is enough to have few skills of sewing craftsmanship and the necessary material. Before proceeding with the sewing of tulles, it is necessary to determine the model and choose the color scheme to fit the tulle into the interior. And then I use this instruction, step by step, to sew. There are quite a lot of ways to sew, you can choose any, as it is more convenient. -We need to calculate the length. In the example, the tulle will be in the fold. Therefore, it is necessary to measure the width of the window, and take tulle 2 times wider. -cut a 25-30 cm wide strip from tulle (if there are curtains, you can use a fabric to match the curtains),connect the strip with the top edge of the tulle and sew across its entire width.
 from tulle strip
we cut the strip
- cut edges, bend and flash. The upper edge is bent 2 cm and stitched, this will hide the errors. Also, the edges can be processed with an oblique bake, selected in a range of colors. If there is an overlog, then simply process the cuts.
 process cuts
-Further, you need to put a curtain tape on the wrong side. She will continue to make folds. Then check if everything is flat and not stretched anywhere, then flash the tape.
 tack on the seamy side
-Then tulle needs to be decorated. To do this, you can cut a strip, about 6-8 cm wide, fold it in half face down and sew, then twist it.
need to decorate
folds on the strip You can do it right away, stitching a strip to the tulle. And you can first flash on the strip folds,and then sew.
 The folds on the strip
But if there is no particular desire to waste time, you can buy a ribbon and just sew it on the tulle.
just sew
- at the bottom of the strip can also be decorated with ribbon. You can do this either direct or flounces. It will look like this:
 below the strip
-After this, turn the tulle to its wrong side (the one where the curtain tape is sewn), take the edges of the strings and tighten, it does not work the desired width (window width), straighten the folds. Tie threads to constantly not correct, and cut the excess length of the thread.
 by the wrong side
That's all: beautiful tulle is ready, without extra time and huge amounts of money.Good luck in your endeavors, a little desire and everything will work out.
 beautiful tulle is ready

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