Sex between husband and wife.

Sex between husband and wife.

Sex between husband and wife.



Sooner or later, almost all married couples come to a sort of extreme point, beyond which only dissatisfaction, betrayal and divorce. This is due primarily to a strong deterioration in the sexual life of partners. From here follows a simple conclusion: in order to improve family relationships, you need to improve the quality and quantity of sex! If you are really faced with a similar problem - talk to your partner or partner, as they say, on cleanliness. If this gulf is not overcome - it will soon tear you apart forever.

The first thing you need to know for you and your other half is that sex between a husband and wife is not the main thing in family life, but it's difficult to live without it. This will help you at least occasionally to embrace each other. Do not do tragedy, if your hints and wishes were ignored and at night you were left without a “sweet” - trust your couple. If you really need sex - sooner or later you will get it. Do not need to pre-adjust themselves to the bed,wind up to a state of complete madness - it will deprive you of an adequate view of things and, perhaps, will become another brick in the wall of misunderstanding between the spouses.


Tactile contact.



Do not be afraid of touching - the more often you have tactile contact with your half, the easier it is for you both to find a common language and get to bed. Touch your woman or man not only when you want to sleep, take time to hug just like that, without any hints, or kiss your couple on the cheek. Scientists-sexologists around the world in one voice say: the more often you touch each other, the stronger your relationship and the more often the prerequisites for sexual intercourse.


Conciliatory sex.



If you seriously quarreled - you need to put up. During the long years of living together, you probably knew your chosen one or your chosen one very well - say those words that they expect the most from you. But this is not the most important thing. Having reconciled, have sex: at the time of mental instability to reach the partner is much easier. The hotter and more passionate this “conciliatory” sex will be, the better your relationship will become in the future.


Punishing sex.



The gross error, which, unfortunately, some couples allow is punishment for sex. In no case, no matter what happens, you can’t use this spiritual and revealing process to humiliate and show your partner’s power. Neither a woman who punishes a husband for sex for a month as a punishment for any offense, much less a man who is raping his spouse for any "valid" reason, will not gain as a result of family happiness. No man wants to feel like a boy in a corner - he will go looking for more affordable sex with more affordable girls than his wife. No girl will not tolerate domestic violence for a long time - in the end, she will simply hate sex itself and everything connected with it. Therefore, the practice of punishing sex - this is the road to the collapse of the family hearth.


Do not deny your partner in sex because of employment, especially if sex in your bed is a rare guest. Forget about dirty dishes in your sink, about friends, about business projects - all this can wait a while. And your mutual desire to come together in intimate intimacy can wither as quickly as it appeared, littered with a pile of “very important” things that can easily be postponed for a couple of hours.Understand that if something has the right to disrupt the course of your daily life, this is the sudden, spontaneous observance of marital debt. You must understand that your significant other is more important than daily chores and concerns.

If you have time to spare, but the need to have sex does not matter - offer your partner an alternative: fast sex. For a couple hungry for sex, even sexual intercourse on the basis of pure physiology, without preludes and any clever caress will seem blissful. Moreover, quick sex will warm up the “appetite” of both partners, which will lead to a search for opportunities to make love, so to speak, more thoroughly and fully.


All these methods will help return to a married couple the previous thirst to enjoy each other's bodies in bed - the main thing is to apply them in time.

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