Shades of lipstick for brownies


What is a women's cosmetic bag without a few shades of lipstick? As a rule, there are lipstick tubes for all occasions - for hikes for work, evening make-up, and necessarily an experimental color that the girl uses only in special cases. To choose lipsticks simply, it is enough to determine your color appearance.

Shades of sunny color belong to the warm color type of the exterior, cold colors - to the cold. Neutral colors - beige, terracotta. Depending on the color of hair, eyes and skin, tones are selected lighter or darker.

These may be pearlescent or glossy cosmetic products. Today matte is popular.

General rules for choosing lipstick

First you need to familiarize yourself with the general rules for choosing lipstick, then it will be easier for you to decide on the color and shade of the product.

If you are one of those who do not like to experiment, give preference to lipsticks that are a couple of tones different from your natural lip color;
Gray-eyed ladies are advised to choose the options for products that are closest in color to natural - from beige to plum. Blue eyes will set off a cherry and pink color with a beige tint. To green eyes, boldly choose bright colors - carrot, terracotta. Brown-eyed women can be advised of true red, chocolate, or light pink tones;
Cold shades with a blue glow are perfectly combined with porcelain skin. Dark women better to use warm tones. It can be peach or chocolate with a sunny, warm tint;
If you suffer from acne, do not choose bright shades of lipstick for yourself. They only highlight the imperfections of the skin;

Shades of lipstick for brownies

Dark-haired young ladies better choose bright colors. After all, their catchy appearance should be adequately set off by a beautiful make-up. In combination with blond hair, any color of lipstick will be bright;
You can enlarge the lips in the following way: draw a pencil a little further than the contour line, fill the space with lipstick, and apply lip gloss on the center. Over the upper lip, gently blend a colorless agent with reflective elements.Lipstick with the effect of mother-of-pearl will reveal all the imperfections of the lips. For excessively plump lips, it is better to use matte lipstick in the daytime make-up version, and to choose a glossy lip for the evening.
To go to the office to work, use neutral, almost colorless shades of lipstick. In the evening version, most variants of shiny, nacreous and glossy products are appropriate. Depending on the effect you want to achieve, you can apply an outline pencil before and after painting. If you need to mark your lips with a clear outline, apply a pencil after lipstick lipstick. Otherwise, the pencil should be used earlier than lipstick;
When choosing a cosmetic product in a store, apply it not on your wrist, as is customary, but on your fingertips. It is here that it looks the same as on the surface of the lips;

Shades of lipstick for brownies

Be sure to experiment with the colors in front of the mirror at home. To find the right, you have to go through a lot of options. Examine your reflection from all sides in daylight and under the lamp's light. It will help in choosing between shades of warm and cold, a plain sheet of white paper.Spend lipstick on the sheet, and you will see reflections of warm, yellow tones or bluish glow of cold;
If you bought a lipstick, a shade that you did not like, do not worry! You can always mix it with another lipstick, and get a unique option;
Cold shades of scale are suitable for women with a cold color type of appearance, and warm ones - with warm color.

Lipstick color for brown-haired

In choosing cosmetics for lips, brown-haired women are guided not only by the color of the hair, but also by the general color type of the appearance, and the color of the iris of the eye.

Therefore, it is impossible to make a clear distinction between the colors that go to them or not.

Lipstick must fully comply with the style of eye makeup, and be appropriate at the time of day for which it is used.

Brown-haired with a warm color type of appearance and brown eyes.

As a decorative means of cosmetics for the lips in the daytime, these ladies are recommended brown colors and shades of bronze. In addition, interesting are the combinations of red, saturated orange or burgundy, deep terracotta. However, in choosing a tool, be guided by the time of day for which makeup is done.Leave saturated colors for the evening, prefer light, transparent shades in daytime make-up.

Brown-haired with dark skin.

To refresh the dark skin, it is desirable to use light, catchy tones. It will look great red, closer to ruby, lipstick, rich shades of pink, the color of ripe raspberries. Experiment with bright colors, it is women of this type that can afford to be bright at any time of the day.

Shades of lipstick for brownies

Brown-haired with porcelain skin.

Ladies with pale skin and dark hair should remember that bright lipstick is not for them. They are more suitable gentle, calm tones of pink. Pink color closer to coral will also look great in this combination. Choose from bright red shades of bright, clear tones.

Brown-haired with porcelain skin and light eyes.

In this case, the best natural shades, closest to the true color of the lips. It will look great makeup "Smokey Eyes" with neutral shades of lipstick.

Brown-haired with green eyes and fair skin.

These women are more suitable light, warm shades of pink. You can try the coral.As a decorative cosmetics for evening makeup, try to choose a terracotta or red, closer to brown, tone.

Brown-haired women with green eyes and swarthy skin.

In this case, it is better to use catchy, rich shades of burgundy, red wine, and all variants of red, which are closest to the natural, natural colors.

Red lipstick for brown-haired

Red lipstick is a universal cosmetic that can make a beautiful princess in the blink of an eye out of a gray mouse. Red color in most cultures of the world - the color of passion, beauty, love. Most women are afraid to use it as a permanent cosmetic. However, makeup artists argue that the use of red lipstick is not just possible, but necessary! The main thing is to know the boundaries of what is allowed, and to choose the right makeup. It is valuable that the wardrobe for this color of lipstick does not need to be chosen with special care. Black classic dress, patent leather pumps, that's all you need.

So, to choose the right shade of red lipstick for brown-haired women, it is necessary to consider not only the hair color, but also the skin color:

For porcelain facial skin is better to apply shades of cold. These can be products with the inclusion of pearlescent or purple substances;
For dark-skinned beauties, you should use red colors of lipstick as close as possible to the burgundy or wine hue;
Gentle ivory skin needs warm, saturated, sunny tones of lipstick.

If you can not decide which of the shades of red lipstick should be bought, go to the store and buy red-brown lipstick or the one that is closer in color to the terracotta.

Applying red lipstick to your lips requires perfect facial tone. Despite the fact that you put a bright accent, every lack of skin will be evident. Therefore, first put the face in order. Thickly applied base in combination with red lips will make you look like a nested doll, and minor flaws in the form of acne will give an untidy look.

In addition, it is red lipstick that requires clear lip contours. If you see that the skin of the lips is weathered and flaky, stop using bright lipstick.

Under lipstick, it is imperative to apply a caring balm on the lips, or cosmetic petroleum jelly.After that, wait until the product is absorbed, then blot the surface of the lips with a napkin.

Apply a tonal base on the lips, lightly powder on top of loose powder. Circle the lip contour with a pencil that is darker or lighter than the lipstick tone by one position. Circle the contour of the lips in good light. Raise the chin slightly, and circle first the contour of the upper lip, then the bottom. After that you can fill the remaining space with lipstick. To achieve the best effect, use a special brush. With it, you will achieve the perfect surface.

To add volume and gloss to lips, apply a colorless gloss over lipstick.

The brown-haired girls with pale skin of the face are perfectly suited for lipsticks with shades of gold or bright coral.

Brown-haired, whose hair color is close to reddish, should definitely have red lipstick in her beautician. However, it is necessary to determine the shade that suits them. Bright, catchy tones of red in combination with white skin and red hair will look too defiant.

Shades of lipstick for brownies

Another recommendation: the shadows under the bright red lipstick should be transparent tones,as close to natural.

The bright red and burgundy colors of lipstick are perfect for red hair. However, remember that the brightness of the lipstick should not coincide with the saturation of the color of your hair. It is advisable to take shades muffled or brighter in a tone or two.

If you are not going to drastically change the image, and switch to bright colors, try to start lipstick soothing shades of red, closer to brown or caramel. This will allow you to look at least bright, but not too focus on your lips.

Choosing lipstick for brown-haired depending on the texture

The gloss lipstick differ in matte, glossy, and with pearl (pearl) shimmer. At the moment, matte and pearly lipstick is in fashion. However, fashion is an unpredictable girl, and tomorrow everything can change.

Today matte and pearl lipstick are popular. Matt tones are best used by women who have overstepped the threshold of youth. Glossy and pearly lipstick used by girls under 30 years of age.

Lipsticks with a gloss effect contain reflective particles that give the lips a volume and a plump shape.

Matte lipstick is suitable for any makeup. This means, having in its composition a large amount of powder, which provides the most dense coating.

For thin lips it is better to use lipstick with a gloss effect, for puffy ones - dense matte textures.

The rules for choosing the texture of lipstick are simple - the darker the skin color, the more brightness and brilliance should be in the components of lipstick.

Pale-faced beauties should be extremely careful in experimenting with bright colors. The lighter the skin tone, it is more close to the color of the lipstick should be natural.

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