Shannen Doherty is very old

The public did not recognize the actress at first sight.
Shannen Doherty
Photo: splashnews

In 2011, the actress, known for the cult TV series of the 90s "Beverly Hills, 90210", married for the second time. “Marriage for me is first and foremost a huge commitment. This is a responsible decision that is not made for nothing, ”Shannen Doherty said in an interview.

After her marriage, Shannen rarely appeared at secular parties and in new projects. Recently, the paparazzi filmed a star who left the beauty salon in Malibu with his mother. It is difficult to imagine what the actress did in this salon, because she looked Shannen untidy. At first glance, Doherty can not be recognized: a slightly overweight woman with a non-painted face is not at all like the beloved Brenda Walsh from Beverly Hills, 90210.

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