Shellac: the basics of manicure

The appearance of Shellac gel in the market of cosmetic services of the beauty industry in its time made a real revolution. A new tool for manicure embodied all the advantages of the classic varnish coating for nails and gel. Today, all leading suppliers of products for beauty salons and cosmetology centers offer to buy a set for shellac.

However, before you buy shellac cnd, we strongly recommend that you familiarize yourself with all the stages of its application technology. First of all, Shellac is not just a perfectly smooth, durable glossy coating, but also an effective way to correct the shape of the nail plate.

If all the nuances of working with biogel are observed, then the Shellac coating will last about three to four weeks. The minimum period is two weeks. Like most manicure techniques, Shellac consists of three basic points: preparation of the base, coating, finishing application of the protective layer. If one of them is neglected, the decision to buy a shellac kit with a lamp will be a waste of time and money.

It is worth remembering that applying the gel in just one layer will not create a bright opaque coating.It will be a translucent veil with an implicitly pronounced shade. Two, and in some cases even three layers of biolak guarantee a thick color.

The process of preparing nail plates and fingers to cover with Shellac gel is in many ways similar to the procedures with which work begins with artificial nails. The method of dry manicure is applied, during which the nail is trimmed, keratinous skin and burrs are removed, the cuticle is removed. Using a nail file, the master creates the necessary shape, grinds it and brushes the nail dust with a special brush or brush.

Any professional before proceeding with the coating of nails with biolac will necessarily produce disinfection of the nail plate and the tissues adjacent to it. The quality of the future manicure, or rather, its durability directly depends on how carefully the manicurist removed the remnants of the cream, softening oils and other liquids.

Bonder is used as a degreasing compound. His number on the nails should be minimal. If the nails after shining with a bonder shine or shine, this indicates that the product has been applied with a surplus and requires partial removal.After applying the base, the nails are placed in a UV lamp, in which hands dry for about fifty seconds.

In this case, the varnish does not completely dry. It must be LED-dried for another ten seconds. Once this procedure is completed, the nails are coated directly with colored varnish.

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