Simple: create an original paper snowflake panel

Author: Lyudmila Vorontsova

Soon, soon, the sorceress-winter will whirl us in the waltz of openwork snowflakes, New Year's miracles and bright Christmas tree lights! Why don't we create a small miracle on New Year's Eve: to make an original panel with an “almost” real snowflake? 🙂

The master class is very simple. Such a panel can be carried as a handicraft in kindergarten, and in school, and you can make the whole family and decorate your house. After all, we all love to cut out snowflakes!

I'll tell you what we need:

  • frame with glass;
  • a snowflake cut from paper (foil);
  • Foil for creativity of blue color (can be colored cardboard);
  • Decola contours (white, silver and blue);
  • transparent glass contour (Idea, №001)
  • glue stick;
  • awl (fine needle);
  • Perlen Pen Pearl Gel (white and blue);
  • scissors;
  • pencil.

To make a wooden frame:

  • acrylic paint "Decola" gray;
  • acrylic contours "Decola" (white, silver);
  • brush;
  • paint-spray of silver color (of any brand);
  • acrylic lacquer.

A snowflake from paper you can cut out any that fantasy tells. It's so interesting to paint your own snowflake!

To make a six-pointed snowflake, you can use the following scheme:

Cut off the extra, taking into account also the size of the panel and the paper snowflake. My blank turned out to be small, with a diameter of 15 cm.

Draw patterns with a pencil and cut out:

Magic moment! We open our snowflake! How beautiful! 🙂

By the way, preparing the snowflake for the panel, I encountered the following problem: it is very difficult to cut out patterns from ordinary office paper, folding it several times. Such paper will be suitable if you create a panel with a child using a regular four-pointed snowflake.

I came up with the following: I took a sheet of thin yellow paper for typewriters. From it, cut out complex patterns is much easier. After the snowflake was cut, I ironed it with an iron ...

... and then in the street painted with silver paint from a can.

So, we already have a silver snowflake, it sparkles and shimmers! Let's take the frame (simplified version: you can pick up the finished frame of the desired color and texture).

I used a wooden frame. To lightly paint over dark wood with wood stain, first applied a layer of acrylic gray paint with a brush. Then, like a snowflake, she painted silver paint from a can on the street.

And now you can apply "frost patterns" with the help of white and silver contours of Decola. We fix a list with a varnish. In my case it is water-based acrylic lacquer.

So, the snowflake is ready, the frame is ready. Let's decorate the glass and the glass itself so that there are no voids around the snowflake. I came up with a pattern resembling the rays of my snowflake:

We put a sketch under the glass and draw a silver outline:

As a background substrate, I used a dark blue sheet of foil for creativity. Glue the snowflake with glue-pencil on the foil in the center.

So, again the magic moment! All the details for the preparation of the panels are ready, we collect everything into a single whole, placing the snowflake under the glass.

Already beautiful! But we will go further and will decorate our snowflake with dot painting.

Outline the snowflake with a white outline.

Add to the pearl painting using Perlen Pen.

Now silver patterns.Some dots pull out with a thin awl (toothpicks, needles).

You can add blue:

Pale blue Perlen Pen.

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