Simple quiver for arrows

In the article, you will learn how to makea quiver for arrowswith your own hands, which is very convenient for safe storage of arrows and for bench shooting. It is made simply from scrap materials and should be every person who is fascinated by archery (crossbow).

Materials and tools:

  • PVC pipe length 30-40 cm;
  • wooden "cork" to close one end of the pipe (you can use another material, for example, dense foam);
  • nylon belt (was taken from the old portfolio);
  • cover fabric.

Step 1

Make a wooden cork -  takeathickboard,cutasquarewideandalengthequaltothediameterofthepipe,drawacirclewithadiameterequaltothediameterofthepipeandahacksawonthesquare,removethefilewithafile,givingitaroundshape.Thenwemeasuretheinternaldiameterofthepipeanddrawacircleontheworkpiecewiththisdiameter; as a knife and file remove all unnecessary. You should have a wooden cork (see picture). Finally, we will process the cork with emery paper.

Now, using glue, glue the cork to the PVC pipe.

We turn to the sewing work. From a nylon belt on a sewing machine we sew a structure that will hold the quiver and fasten it to the belt. Next step from a piece of fabric we will sew a cover for a quiver (dimensions depend on the length and diameter of the pipe).

Final assembly: put the supporting belt on the pipe, put the cover on top (after unscrewing it with seams inside). We attach a carabiner stick to the supporting belt.

Quiver for arrowsready. Fasten the carbine to the belt and the arrows are always at hand and do not interfere when shooting.

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