Simple snowflake from beads (beadwork)

Materials and tools:

  1. pearl-colored beads (beads) (some are small, others are 2 times larger);
  2. brilliant beads in a handicap of crystals;
  3. thick fishing line;
  4. scissors.

Step 1

First we make the main ring (the center of the snowflake). Cut a piece of fishing line 20 cm long, put on the line beads (4-8 beads). Let's make a ring, passing one end of the line through the extreme bead at the other end of the line, tighten the ring, sell one end of the line again through all the beads and cut off the excess.

Step 2

Continue to make a snowflake. At the end of the fishing line, put on one large bead and 5 beads, make a loop by threading the end of the fishing line through the large bead and bead on the main snowflake ring. Repeating these steps, we make 5 such loops of snowflakes.

Step 3

Now add crystals between the loops of the snowflakes. The principle of weaving (the addition of crystals) is shown in the figures.

After adding the last crystal, let's cut the line as shown. In addition, you can tie a knot and cut off the extra line.

A simple beaded snowflakeis ready.

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