Simple soldering station

Modern imported soldering irons often reveal the problem of overheating. And at home underheating is sometimes observed, it is also observed when the voltage is set. In this article I will tell you how to solve these problems and also make the soldering more comfortable. With the help of a soldering station, you can work with a large voltage drop, quickly heat up the soldering iron and set any temperature you need. So let's break. I have been searching the internet for the simplest station map for a long time. All in the end they were complicated in execution. It ended up thinking up my own. Scheme of soldering station:
Simple soldering station
We need: 1. Dimer. (any will do). It is also called the dimmer switch. 2. Diode bridge. 3. Housing. (wooden or plastic box). It is best to buy a finished enclosure in electrics. 4. Socket. 5. Plug with wire. Let's start with dimer. Since the dimer body is very large, I recommend disassembling it, leaving only the circuit itself. The handle can be replaced, as in my case, you can leave your own.
As a case, I decided to take a box from under the Soviet switch. Since the lid was not I made my own, from plywood. Now you need to collect everything according to the scheme. Install the socket, plug.
For beauty, I recommend painting the product.
Here's the final result.

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