Slimming patch. Feedback and results

The essence of the miracle patch is as follows: it is impregnated with active substances that penetrate the skin and activate metabolic processes in problem areas. According to the manufacturers, a person who has stuck a plaster increases blood circulation, the lymphatic system gets better, edema decreases, and fat splits faster. Together, all this leads to the fact that a person begins to lose weight, and the hated kilograms and centimeters are melting.
In applying the patch is very simple. It is glued to areas of the body that need correction. The time of wearing the patch depends on the manufacturer and can be as much as 20 minutes, and 24 hours. Adhered strips are changed daily, the course of weight loss with a patch usually lasts 15-30 days, but no more.Before using the patch for weight loss, it is recommended to carefully study the instructions, learn about contraindications and precautions.
It is worth saying that most manufacturers of plaster talk about the possibility of its use without additional diets and physical exertion. And, most likely, these assurances attract people who dream of harmony. Everyone wants to go to bed full, and wake up with a slim and taut figure, without making any effort. But miracles do not happen. And the patch - unfortunately, not a panacea for excess weight. This can be judged based on the reviews of those who have already tried this tool on themselves.
So, after reading a large number of reviews of real people, we can draw the following conclusions. Those losing weight that have less than 5 kilograms of excess weight, of course, can get a patch for themselves. But in any case, they will have to control their diet and add some physical activity to the schedule. For example, morning exercises. With this approach, weight loss will turn out pretty quickly.
But if a person has extra pounds of 10 or more, then you will have to put a lot of effort to say goodbye to them. It is necessary to switch to proper nutrition: eliminate fatty, sweet, flour from the diet. Food to steam, cook or bake, and make dinner as easy as possible. Yes, and physical activity if you want to lose more than 10 kilograms will be needed more seriously.And only after the weight goes down, you can think about the patch for weight loss, which will help bring the figure to the ideal. Of course, there are people who will say that even without “miracle means” a good result can be achieved, the main thing is to develop a weight loss program correctly. In fact, the way it is. Just for many losing weight plaster - a kind of psychological trick that helps them move further on the path to their dream.People who buy a plaster for weight loss should understand that this is not a panacea for excess weight, but just one of the elements of the program, which should include sports, proper nutrition and cosmetic procedures.
The plaster for weight loss will not help to lose weight and remove centimeters, if a person does not change his lifestyle. Lying on the couch, there are donuts and losing weight will not work, even if you stick the patch on the whole body. We'll have to make an effort anyway.

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